Cuisine of Rayalaseema – Marriott Hyderabad

In the past 3 years the food scene in Hyderabad has evolved so much that every two or 3 days there is a new restaurant that opens. Its not just the number but also a wide range of cuisines being brought in. Rayalaseema cuisine known for its robust flavours and spice levels gained immense popularity….


The Himalayan cafe – a hidden gem

Its not that just restaurants have good food, like there are places which aren’t actually restaurants but their food is like much better than most of them serving a similar cuisine. The Himalayan cafe is one such place. Its a small place with just 4 chairs and two tables. The kitchen is much bigger when…

Marriott Executive Apartments – your stay the luxurious way

The Marriott executive apartments are a sub section of the Marriott group. There are only 2 marriott executive apartments in india and are spread in 16 countries in total. The one in Hyderabad has got 75 apartments. Lets have a look at the various rooms on offer. Studio Apartment: The Studio apartments at Marriott Executive…