Skippi – a Popsicle tale

Skippi – a popsicle tale, The stories date back to schooling days, many of us remember ice popsicles with various names and were so much fun back then. We called them pepsi , ice cola etc and these were some of the best memories. With times moving quick everything changed and somehow the concept of popsicles in the cities has vanished. The only few limited places we still get them are local stores and a few villages , but the quality has been a major concern. Even though we find them, the type of water used, flavorings that went in etc have been a major concern.

That is when I came across Skippi Popsicles , its the first popsicle brand in India that promises quality and has a completely mechanized process with minimal human intervention. Lets know a bit more about them.

About the idea, the brand and people behind it:

Skippi is the brainchild of Ravi Kabra and his wife who own Kabra Global Products Pvt. Ltd. The idea first struck when he was in Australia. With a desire to start something related to the Food and Beverage industry, it was Australia where he planned to come up with a popsicle brand at first. Thanks to a relative who visited him , he came to know that there was no such brand that does popsicles in India yet with higher levels of hygiene and which people can blindly rely on they’ve set it up in India. A few other reasons being , people have fond memories with ice pops, India has a harsh summer which might help them as a brand and a couple others.

He came up with Skippi as a name for the Popsicle brand because the idea originated in Australia, people call Kangaroos as skippi and its also a famous Character.

About the Popsicles and available sizes:

The brand guarantees the working conditions are the best they can get. The Manufacturing unit is set up in a village that is far off from industries to ensure clean water. The popsicles are Made with100% RO water and do not use any artificial coolours, preservatives and artificial flavorings.

The current line has 6 flavors that include Raspberry, Orange , Mango, Bubble gum, cola and lemon.

They currently have two package sizes you can choose from. One is a box of 12 that has 2 each of the 6 variants and the other is a pack of 36 that has 6 each of the 6 flavors.

The Skippi popsicle unit has a completely mechanized process, right from boiling the water to the final boxed popsicles there is minimal human intervention.

I personally liked them, to be frank there is no other competitor or brand who does popsicles here. Its said its India’s first popsicle brand. The price might feel a little higher but the fact that the hygiene levels , no additives and the memories its well worth it. I just tried a couple of flavors and I did enjoy them during summers and now looking forward to the same in monsoon and winter too.

Availabily and pricing:

The Popsicles are shipped in liquid form, you have to freeze them for upto 8 hours before consuming.

You can place your orders through their website (click on website) and get them delivered to your home. They are also available online on amazon and flipkart or pick them up from ratnadeep stores.

They deliver Pan India, the pricing for 12 pc box is 240 INR, the 36 box at 666 INR. Each popsicle comes to about 20 rupees and they have a 20% discount going on for orders above 400 INR.

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