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Last 36 months have been terrifying, we as individuals have gone through and still going through times we could never imagine. Basic things feel like luxury today, we might change the way we look at things from here on.

With all the chaos around, lock downs , people afraid to come out freely, spend time outside etc have affected the Food and Beverage industry the most. Restaurants and hotels can only survive if they have guests to serve. Restaurants have been empty and rooms running with a very low occupancy due to travel bans. The only way to get things a little better were food deliveries , hotel chains have explored various options, menu changes, safety measures for delivery etc to make dining at home enjoyable and peaceful.

ITC hotels have added a segment The Gourmet Couch which delivers food to your home, as a part of this we had Gourmet in you kits which were a DIY concept, Biryani and Pulao collection, a signature menu collection in the beginning and other single day specials.

Now their latest addition is the Feel Good Menu which is crafted from locally sourced seasonal produce. This menu’s cornerstone is their Vocal for Local initiative. Few dishes have been curated with healthy long neglected native ingredients and small-batch Made in India artisanal products that are unique and I’ve never had them before.

Lets Check them out.

Delivery and Packaging

The order was delivered in the afternoon with all the safety measures. The personnel who delivered it had gloves , double masked and a face shield. The outer package had a safety seal and each dish was labeled appropriately and packed in Eco friendly , bio degradable containers. You also get a card which shows you ways to reheat different dishes before consumption and store them correctly.

Food and Beverage

We got one each of every vegetarian dish they had as a part of combo and as well as A la Carte. I started with the Anar Shikanji , a perfectly refreshing drink with basil seeds,  hints of sweetness , saltiness , freshness from the mint and the lemony zing.

We had 3 mains to go along with the Kacchi Haldi Paratdar Paratha which was a lacha paratha made with wholewheat and ground fresh turmeric giving it the distinctive turmeric colour.

The three curries were Doodhi kofta salan, a dish made with bottle gourd dumplings or koftas in a onion and tomato based gravy thickened with yogurt. Also it has first press mustard oil in which the gravy is cooked. Safed urad dal palak turned out to be a surprise, we haven’t expected much by looking at the description but it was amazing, simple clean dish , well cooked and perfectly balanced. It didn’t have any masala, the star was the garlic in it. Lasooni Palak as we all know, a simple crowd favourite, moderately spiced and good.

The Kathal biryani has to be the best one I’ve had, being a hard core non vegetarian outside I could enjoy it just like a good mutton biryani minus the meat. The flavors and the spices that went in the marination were exactly the same as of what goes in to a non vegetarian version. The jack fruit was cut in good sized chunks, well marinated and beautifully cooked, it had that stringy mock meat texture , flavor from the marinade seeping in along with perfectly cooked rice this was an absolute treat. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had two desserts , Jowar aam ki phirni and mulethi badam kheer. The Jowar aam ki phirni was an absolute delight, as soon as we opened the box , the first thing to hit was the saffron. The phirni was made with jowar, milk and mango puree and was set in a clay vessel, which added a earthy touch. A simple , flavourful and clean no fuss dessert. I’m yet to try the mulethi badam kheer.

Menu and Pricing

The menu has 3 combos that are sufficient for two, each combo starting at 1150++. You can also choose from the A la Carte menu. You can place your orders from the website (click on website) or through swiggy , eazydiner and zomato.

For further details (in Hyderabad) you may contact

ITC Kohenur : 040 67660101 , +91 9121231753

ITC Kakatiya : 040 40081815 , 040 40081915

Thank you was checking us out.


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  1. Atulmaharaj says:

    Nicely written, loved the eco packaging along with the whole menu. Plus the quantity seems generous too. Worth a try for sure.

    1. Thank you, yes a very comforting menu. Very well compiled and also their eco friendly packaging needs a special mention 🙂

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