Dineout Passport experience at The Glass Onion

2020 was a very stressful year, we’ve been through stages we could have never imagined. With fear all around , the urge for maximum safety with masks and santizers everywhere it surely was a nightmare. The F and B industry took its biggest hit and is slowly picking up pace.

With things a little better now, people started showing trust and are eventually showing up to restaurants, clubs etc and the industry is reviving. At the same time the restaurants are ensuring they do the best possible to create a safe dining experience.

Gourmet passport has also take a change and is now titled as ‘ Dineout Passport’ , now they have a flat 25% discount on select restaurants and 1+1 on 5 star buffets. Their specially curated experiences were something everyone loved, something that isn’t a common scene with other memberships. Each experience is priced accordingly and today we are looking at a 5 course meal.

The venue for this specially curated 5 course menu was one of the finest restaurants in Hyderabad, The Glass onion. The breathtaking views, different sections and some amazing food and beverages.
The glass onion has about 4 sections, outdoor with gold course view, a small open to air part, one air conditioned indoor setup and another indoor setup with a party golf course view. You also have a live bar counter.

The table was setup with social distancing (as much as possible) in between the covers. A well laid cover with the menu to let you know on whats on offer and to choose according to your preference.

We started with the cocktails and mocktails, we had 3 drinks to choose from. Litchi surprise, holy water and another one which I forgot the name. I haven’t taken any , but each one of it looked beautiful. Attaching the pictures below.

We had a red wine poached pear with goat cheese and chilli jam as amuse bouche. That one biter to get your palate going.

Then came in the Ghee roast fish fillet with sanna and fried Curry leaves. This was one great dish that speaks about textures and flavours. The sweetness from the sanna, the spice from the fish and subtle sauce worked amazingly well. The texture balance, the soft sponginess of the sanna and those crispy curry leaves elevated the dish to another level.

We then moved to the sorbet course, we had a fresh strawberry and chilly sorbet, the best part was the texture. Even without any dairy ( as its a sorbet) to get that airy, smooth and extremely fine texture is indeed a job well done.

For the mains I chose stuffed chicken steak with red wine rogan josh jus with roast vegetables and scallion potato mash. It was a flattened chicken breast stuffed with duxelles , finished with a rogan josh jus ( tomato based sauce component). The mash was buttery, rich and smooth too. Another really good dish, executed perfectly.

We had flourless chocolate bar with a brandy snap garnish and a quenelle of gulkand panacotta. Both of them were very good, the panacotta was perfectly done, it had the perfect amount to gelatin or agar agar unlike other places, it held its shape at room temperature and just melted away once you put it in your mouth.

At the end , we also received some really good chocolates from Fabelle, fabelle is the luxury chocolate brand of ITC group.
It had a assorted truffles box, a elements chocolate box and a few bars. Some true luxurious indulgence.

To sum it up this was another brilliantly executed event by Dineout Passport, everything was on point, right from the entry , safety measures, food, ambience and service, everything was taken care of.
Looking forward to many more such experiences .

You may buy a Dineout Passport membership on the Dineout app or here to avail the 25% off and 1+1 offer on buffefs.
Also note that these experiences have to be booked seperately and each one will be priced differently based on the venue, food , experience add ons etc.

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