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It has been a completely different way of living in the last few months, most of us staying back and not venturing out for something that can be avoided or unnecessary. The situation has just gone bad with the number of cases on the rise and precautions from our end have taken a step up.

With this, we have completely stopped our social gatherings, casual meetups, visits to our favorite food places, etc. I am sure a lot of them miss food from your favorite restaurants, experience fine dining, budget eats, breweries, clubbing, etc. To stay afloat a lot of restaurants have started online ordering with the necessary precautions and safety measures.

ITC is known for its food, some all-time classics. Everyone has taken a hit, with keeping the above in mind and considering the fact that people aren’t ready to dine out yet, ITC restaurants have come up with an experience named ‘Gourmet couch’, it allows you to choose dishes from their online menu, each property/hotel has its own menu from which you can choose from and gets them delivered to your doorstep with all the safety precautions including protective gears at the time of delivery.

We received a set from ITC Kakatiya, it was an extremely smooth and pleasant experience. Once you place your order you’ll receive a confirmation from the hotel. The delivery was on time, it was good to see the PPE worn by the delivery executive and handling of the food. All the contents were packed in rigid boxes and it was time to open it.

The food was packed in Eco-friendly containers, you also get a handout which tells you different ways of reheating your food before consumption. Each dish was labeled with a name and the time of preparation. Everything was sealed well, including the Indian flatbreads ( Paratha, naan and some roti).

We chose a completely vegetarian meal, to begin with, we had some Haryali paneer tikka and some Makkai ki Tikki. The haryali paneer tikka had a generous amount of the marinade with mixed greens. The star however was the makkai ki tikki, loved it. The outer was coarsely ground corn stuffed with a mixture of cashew nuts, raw mango, chilli and some spices.

For the mains, we had their most famous Dal Bukhara and Kehkashan. Kehkashan was another gem, a semi-dry version with a base of dried pomegranate gravy and a mix of vegetables. Dal Bukhara on the other hand was another star, simple slow-cooking gave it an amazing texture and some richness from the cream. To go along with these we had some lachha parathas.

We also got some Tarkari pulao, the Dum Gosht Biryani from Kebabs n Kurries is another popular dish. However, as we opted for a complete Vegetarian meal we had to go ahead with the Tarkari Pulao. It came in a ceramic pot sealed with some dough, like an individual pot cooked with a Dum. Loved the rice too, a good hint of saffron and some really good marination. This came with a side of Boorani raita and mirchi ka salan.

To end the meal we had some Kesar Phirni. I like a Phirni made with coarse ground rice, this though had a fine smooth paste. It tasted decent with apt sweetness.

Overall it was a very satisfying meal at home, loved every bit of it.

Their signature offerings are available for takeaway and deliveries, to avail them you may reach them at 040-40081815 (ITC Kakatiya) and 040-67660101 (ITC Kohenur). Both the properties offer home delivery for free up to 10 Kms with the minimum order value being 6500 and 5000 respectively.

You can get more details from their Instagram page too. ITC Kakatiya and ITC Kohenur. Thank you for checking us out, follow us on Instagram for more interesting updates on food.

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