Spice Route Brunch delivered to your door step – Westin, Hyderabad.

To begin with, its a very serious situation outside, there is a lot of fear to venture out and spend some time at your favorite places with your favorite bunch. Although restaurants are taking necessary precautions to ensure a safe dining experience many of us are confined at home.

Keeping this in mind most of the restaurants have come up with home delivery options which is much safer to an extent. However, you can still sanitize them on arrival and before consuming them.

Westin is known for its brunches at Seasonal tastes, you have huge spreads from the salad counter to the dessert section. But keeping things in mind and people preferring a delivery option they have come up with a brunch box that gets delivered to your doorstep. Let’s check it out. (Follow us on Instagram for more interesting updates on food, upcoming ventures, cafes, enthusiastic homemakers, etc.)

To place an order, enquire or book a table for dine-in on the same you may drop a message on Instagram ( Westin Hyderabad) or reach them at +91 8008302162.

Once your order is placed, you’ll receive a confirmation call on the same. The delivery was scheduled for 12:30 p.m. and was delivered on time. The delivery was carried out professionally in the hotel’s car with the staff wearing a mask, gloves and a face shield. The packing itself was very good.

Once the boxes were collected, I quickly unpacked them. It was a Southeast Asian inspired brunch. Each of the main courses, accompaniments and desserts came in individual eco-friendly containers and the appetizers in a single box. The aroma was very good, I was having restaurant food after a long long time which is very unusual. I opted for the Vegetarian brunch

The starters included Spinach and feta empanadas, malai paneer tikka, water chestnut and tofu dumplings and Bok choy and garlic bao. The malai paneer had very subtle marination and a gook char on the edges, it came with some mint chutney. The water chestnut and tofu dumplings were very good, a flavorful filling with some crunch from the vegetables. The empanadas were decent, the filling was too salty, probably because of the feta. The bao on the other hand was good with the accompanying chilly dip.

We had a pizza with a grilled vegetable option, the pizza was very good, a little reheating in a pan crisps up the base at home, a good thin crust pizza.

For the mains we had Thai green curry with some sticky rice, hot basil Manchuria to go along with the chilly fried rice, burnt chili fried rice, vegetable peanut satay and vegetable biryani. Haven’t tried the Thai curry and biryani yet. That’s saved for later. The burnt chilly rice tasted very good along with the basil Manchuria. The Manchuria dumplings were a little doughy but the flavors were very good.

For the desserts we had baklava and Zauq e shahi, the baklava was loaded with nuts, topped with some rose petals. Zauq e shahi has dumpling made of khoya, sometimes paneer is added, Its similar to a Gulab jamun but a better version and a richer one as it’s topped with rabri.

That was indeed a great meal, the brunch box is priced at 2150 ++ for Vegetarian and 2450++ for Non-Vegetarian. The brunch is more than sufficient for 2 moderate eaters.

Find the menu for Sunday (5th July ) here. The delivery charges are applicable based on the location. Overall it was a very satisfying one from the comfort of my home.

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