Quarantining in the Kitchen : Stuffed Mango Kulfi

I’ve seen this variation in one of the YouTube videos and also its fun to have kulfi in summers. A shop named Kuremal kulfi in Delhi is very well know and they might just be the ones who started this. We are just doing mango today. They have quite a lot, from Orange and apples to pomegranate you have a choice
It needs simple ingredients but takes a little patience and skill , but its worth the effort. Quality ingredients, quality outcome.

So lets get started. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #recipe #hyderabadfoodblogger


  • Medium sized firm ripe mangoes – 2 to 3
  • Full fat cow milk – 1lt
  • Sugar – 75 to 80 gms
  • Saffron strands – few
  • Cardamom powder – a pinch
  • Mixed nuts – as required, more the better


  1. We’ll start with the Rabdi first for the kulfi. Take the whole milk in a non stick kadai and allow it to simmer and reduce.
  2. It’ll take time, once its a little thick, start sticking the malai layer to the sides of the pan, this will give you the layers of rabdi. Once they dry up a bit mix it back.
  3. Once the milk is almost reduced add your sugar and allow it to reduce even further. You may add your cardamom powder here.
  4. Make sure you reduce it as thick as possible, if its thin it’ll have a higher water content and allows ice crystals formation which isn’t desirable.
  5. Switch off the flame and add your saffron to it and mix, add the nuts once the mixture is cooled.
  6. In the mean while cut open the mango from the top, don’t de skin the mango.
  7. Using a knife slowly and patiently remove the seed, you’ll have a pocket like inside the mango once the seed is removed.
  8. If you wish for a thinner layer of mango, scoop a little more using a spoon.
  9. Place the mango in a bowl or a glass, fill it with the kulfi mixture and put the lid back on.
  10. Freeze it overnight or until is completely frozen.
  11. Peel the outer skin when you are about to slice it. Use a knife for peeling and also be very careful here. Its a little difficult and needs precautions.

And here you go, the stuffed mango kulfi is ready.
You can also add some candied cherries or even some mango pulp if you like to the kulfi mix.
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