Quarantining in the kitchen: Pasta in Mornay sauce (white sauce pasta)

To begin with , lets learn and call the right. Often a white sauce pasta is called as a Alfredo, but that’s not the actual case in any restaurant here. A Alfredo sauce has butter, loads of parmesan and heavy cream. We often substitute the cream with a Bechamel (white sauce (milk , flour and butter)) and the cheese with processed cheddar and a bit of mozzarella in some cases.

Cooking pasta right is a very important thing, always make sure its Al dente which means firm to bite and not mushy. You can take it out of the boiling water once its 85 to 90% cooked as you finish it in the sauce again. Once removed from boiling water shock the pasta in cold running water.

Lets get started. Hyderabad food blogger , Hyderabadfoodexplorer

For Mornay sauce:

  • 20 gms refined flour
  • 20 gms butter
  • 200 to 300 ml milk
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cheese ( unprocessed cheddar preferably, you can add a bit of mozzarella if you want a stringy cheese sauce)

Other ingredients:

  • You can add any Vegetables or chicken, I’ve used some mushroom, bell pepper and onion. You can use olives, jalapeños if you have them.
          Big cuts of vegetables , shapes will look better.
  • Pasta: 2 handfuls ( I’ve used penne rigate, you can use penne, farfalle, fusili, spaghetti etc)
  • Chopped onion – 1 Medium sized
  • Chopped garlic Garlic – 4 to 5 cloves
  • oregano and chilly flakes as required
  1. Boil water in a stock pot for the pasta, make sure you add some salt and a little oil.
  2. Once the water starts boiling , put in your pasta and cook it to al dente ( that means firm to bite ) (85% to 90% cooked). Don’t overcook them.
  3. Once done transfer into a colander / strainer (save some of the starch water) . Immediately pour cold water on the pasta or place it under cold running water to stop from further cooking. Make sure the pasta cools down completely. Again over cooking might result in mashed up pasta.

Mornay sauce:

  1. Boil the milk and keep it aside.( You may add a bay leaf , half onion and cloves while boiling – optional) , strain after boiling and keep the milk aside.
  2. In a pan add the butter, once it melts add the flour and cook it until it turns slightly whitish. Then using a whisk keep mixing and add the milk little by little until everything comes together and is lump free. Add some salt and white pepper powder.
  3. Add your cheese, mix it and switch off the flame.
Now you have the sauce and pasta ready, lets get them together.
  1. Take a sauce pan and add some oil and butter. Then add your garlic and chopped onion, saute them for a bit.
  2. Then add your mushroom and saute until it loses its moisture (you can add your boneless chicken before the mushrooms). Then add your other vegetables and toss them on a high flame. The vegetables are supposed to be a little crunchy. Don’t cook it for long.
  3. Now add your pasta sauce and adjust the consistency with the water you’ve saved (the water in which the pasta was boiled).
  4. Check the seasoning (salt level) and adjust accordingly. Now add your pasta and cook it until the sauce coats the pasta evenly. If you like a saucy pasta , make sure the consistency is a little thick so that the pasta can hold the sauce.
  5. Add the oregano and chilly flakes now. You can also add some cheddar in this stage and mix. (if you are adding cheese make sure the salt levels are a little low as the cheese will balance it out.)
  6. And your pasta is ready.



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  1. How to convert into Pink? 😅 Cook tomato puree along with alfredo sauce? While the veggies are still in the pan after being tossed in high sauce..

    1. Hi, so the ones restaurants do is mix the tomato sauce (arabiatta) and the white sauce. You can start with some garlic, tomato puree, cooking for a bit, tear some basil and keep it aside so that the rawness is eliminated. Then you can toss some vegetables, then mix both the sauces according to your liking of creaminess and the tomato tang 🙂

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