The Zomaland Experience – Hyderabad

To begin with , lets know a bit about Zomaland. So what is Zomaland?

Zomaland is one of the biggest carnivals in the country. Its an annual event for a city and is hosted in various cities all year long, one after the other. We’ve seen a lot of flea markets but this is a better and a bigger one. You get to experience a wide number of culinary delights, a bit of games, photo booths and most importantly the live performances from various well known artists.

This was the first time Zomaland came to Hyderabad. We had a lot of expectations and it gave us much more than we expected. The tickets were up at early bird prices, even before we knew the artist line up. We booked for VIP at 499 for Saturday.

Surprisingly I received an amazing Invitation along with a few accessories from the sponsors and a golden ticket which gave access to 2 for both the days. The invite had a few books, beautiful coasters with different sections on offer at the venue, Merli stuffed toy, the mascot for Singapore tourism and a mug.


We reached the venue around 5:30, the venue was quite far from the city, near the airport. We parked our cars and walked a bit to the venue. The first sight was the giant ferris wheel , the iconic structure at any Zomaland arena. The entry was smooth and quick. We got in , the sight inside was just amazing. A lot of attractive setups , well laid food counters and a lot more.


The first thing to check was the food section. When its something from zomato, food has to be the most important part. The food sections were beautifully segregated. They were named as Little Asia, Flavours of India, The all American feast, around the world and dessert district.

We started with some butter chicken pav, butter chicken roll from butter singh which were good, then had a chicken 65 biryani from pista house. It was almost show time and we had to grab some food and drinks and head to the stage. Quickly grabbed some frankies and some skewers from Ab’s.

We had a tour all around and found some interesting spots. The singapore one had a food stall from the man himself , Hawker chan, worlds most affordable Michelin star meal. We tried the soy sauce chicken rice, the soy sauce had a bit of sweetness, the chicken was cooked in soy and served with a portion of sticky rice and sliced cucumber.

Apart from the food they had some challenges going on, the one who won got a hamper.

The carnival city was right next to the singapore experience zone. They had a lot of games, haven’t checked them as it was heavily crowded and we couldn’t get in. Probably the next time.


While we were picking up food , Tanmay bhat was in full swing. As soon as his act got over it was time to get crazy. Divine came in and lifted everyone’s mood at once. The smoke systems, paper poppers were beautifully set adding to the vibe. The sound systems and lighting need a special mention. each artist thoroughly entertained the crowd. The last act for the day was from Ritviz, we couldn’t as for a better end to the day. To sum it up it was a great event then. Can’t write about how amazing it was to be there, its something to experience.

We had some food and we walked backj to the parking area. The next day had performances by Rahul dua, Nikhil D’souza, Aastha gill and Badshah.

That’s it from Zomaland, looking forward to 2.0. This is one post where the pictures will speak much more that what has been penned.



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