Bali, the final day : Babi Guling, Suluban and Uluwatu Temple

It was the last day of our trip , we had a afternoon return flight the next day, so technically the last day to explore andย  make the most out of the trip. It was sad that it was coming to an end, but just like everything even this had to.

So we had our breakfast at the villa and started around 10:30 and the first stop was a beach. The weather was good for the previous days , but the last day was extremely sunny. We couldn’t stay for long after a while. The first stop was the kuta beach, we had lots of fun. We were fresh , just out of our place, full of energy. We stayed there for quite sometime, clicking pictures and watching people surf. It wasn’t any different from the beaches we’ve visited the other day. We then moved to Nusa Dua , this was a super clean beach. They have well arranged beach chairs, blue water an some greenery as well. We couldn’t stay for long as it was extremely sunny. (posted a picture from Nusa dua in yesterdays post by mistake, posting it here again)

From where we headed out for lunch, this was one of the most loved placed in Bali. We had a lot of expectations and this did fulfill them. Most of the places which has babi Guling serve it in a similar way. Its like a combo. You get a small portion of rice, Fried meat, Salad, Skin, Tender meat, soup etc. The soup here was extremely good. As it was a sunny day we had 2 tender coconuts each. We sat there for an additional 30 mins before we headed on our way to Uluwatu temple.


The show was at 6:30 and we had to reach there by 5:30. We had an additional one hour. The driver asked us if we’d like to visit another beach. He said it was a secret beach. We said yes, as he said it was a secret one and we had time. It was Suluban beach, we found it earlier but we didn’t notice it was this beautiful. Probably this was a small part of Suluban beach stretch. It was a stunner, the best beaches we have been to. But, but, you have to work for it. You have to get down, its like a trek back up as well. The steps are high, with a lot of direction confusion due to the local restaurants, but its truly worth it. When you get down, its like a cave kind of entrance with high rocks and then you have the clear waters. We wish we had a lot of time and could have got into the water. I’d recommend this, you get a good view from the top as well.

The final stop was the Uluwatu temple for the kecak and fire dance. You’ll have to wear a sarong here as well which is available at the entrance. We got in at 5:30, we had time to go to the top , but we chose to get in and sit down to block the seats. Also we were exhausted so skipped climbing up hill to the main temple. If you are planning to visit to experience this show, carry a Umbrella and some water. The sunsets right in front and is harsh. The show is based on the series Ramayan. The actors do it with such grace and expressions, its a great way to end.

We skipped having dinner at a restaurant and picked up some local food from a place with a lot of kiosks near our villa. We had some burgers, a jelly and fruit drink, bika ambon with cheese (its a porous cake).


That was an end to Bali and our total travel plan. Looking forward to another travel trip soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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