Bali : Ulun Danu Temple , Kubu Manggala and Sunset at Seminyak beach

It was day 3 and the final day to explore in and around Ubud. This blog covers day 4 where we moved to Seminyak and I just wanted to let you know about a lot of exchange scams around the beaches. You’d see a couple of exchanges with higher rates than most of them but these are the places where the scams take place. Always accept higher currency notes and at reputed exchanges. You can find some videos on the same on Youtube.

So back to Ubud, Ulun Danu temple was a little far towards the north. It took us almost 2 hours to reach. I found this to be better than the Tirta Empul as its surrounded by a lot of greenery and is on a lakeside. You’ll have to buy tickets here again, its 50000 IDR per person if i’m not wrong. The temple is well maintained and has a lot of ancient architecture.

Apart from the temple, the premises are filled with colorful flower plants, they have a small restaurant with lunch buffets available. On your way out you’ll find a lot of shops selling handicrafts, you’ll need some bargaining skills here.

From here our driver took us to a lake nearby saying there is a good view point. It took us 20 minutes to reach and it was a photo point again. Its a really good place for couples and some good pictures. It was 1 lakh IDR per person which was 500 INR to get in so we skipped that.

Another 2 hour drive to go back to the room, but first we had 2 places for lunch. We reached Babi Guling Ibu oka at 4 p.m. and we were the only ones at the restaurant. Babi Guling means suckling pig. We ordered for a special, it came with white rice ( nasi putih), small portions of blood sausage, crisp skin, tender juicy meat, gorengan (fried meat) and some sayur (vegetable).

This is a very famous place but it wasn’t the best one we had. The best was yet to come. Apart from this we went with an extra portion of Gorengan which was amazing. Crispy and perfectly seasoned. There’s something about their coconut water, here they added a little lemon juice and scrapped flesh.

Next spot was close by, about 400 mts from ibu oka 2. We were at Warung Makan tejes to try Nasi Campur. I had no idea what it meant though. I expected it to be a style of cooking rice but it wasn’t that. So nasi campur has a portion of white rice with a little of everything they have. You get some salad, curry, sausage , fried meat, eggs , vegetables etc.

Most of these places have some munchies on the tables for as low as 2000 IDR, they go well with the rice, its close to our meals and papad.

Post this we went back to the room , relaxed for a bit, some pool time and then headed out for dinner. It was too much of local food already so we decided to go with some other cuisine and finalized on mexican. Taco Casa turned out to be exceptional, one of the best mexican I’ve had. We were 4 of us so ordered 5 dishes amongst us, 4 would have been good enough.

We ordered for a 7 layer Burrito, a wet burrito, fajita sizzler, tacos and loaded nachos. You get to choose the flavored rice for the burritos, we chose cilantro rice for one and the other I don’t remember. The wet burrito had a tomato base sauce which was drizzled over and had some cheese gratinated on top. The nachos were loaded with cheese, jalapenos, refried beans , salsa and guacamole. The Fajita sizzler came with a side of tortillas , sour cream, beans and guacamole and it was Do it yourself style.

Overall this was a really good dinner, a break from all the local food we had.

Post this we picked up some chocolates and ready to eat snacks available there to get some back home. The next morning we checked out and moved to Seminyak for the final 2 days of the trip.

The standard check in time here is 12:30 , we checked out at 12 in Ubud, reached our next place at 1:30. We booked a villa (Kubu Manggala villas), just to relax to the fullest. We had a day leisure just before we headed back to India but it got messed up due to slight change in the schedule and we failed to notice that. Never the less, the leisure day which was supposed to be the next day was preponed. We checked in and requested for 2 2 wheelers so that we could travel around for a bit. They got them arranged , a bit expensive but that was fine as we had no idea on the closest rental points.

Before heading out , here are a few pictures of the villa. You have a private pool, 2 bed rooms, a kitchenette, living room and a couple of beach chairs. There are a lot of private villas nearby , you can choose accordingly. Also this place had the best breakfast, it was a fixed portion , but a great one.

We then had to grab lunch , we had 3 places to be covered but one got closed by the time we reaches. So the first spot was Sate plecing Arjuna, they just had pork satays available, we ordered for one spicy and one sweet version. Then we got to know that they had some meatball soup as well so we had one of that as well. The soup was thin, more like a basic stock which was seasoned well. We ended up ordering another portion of the chilly satay. The satays had a nice char to it with apt sweetness and a mild heat from the chilly.

Next spot was Mak Benk ,close to sanur beach. You’ll have a ticket to visit the beach side as well. They only have one thing on the menu, a combo. A few drinks and the combo , that’s it. We ordered 2 combos, the place is known for its fish head soup. The soup has fish head and cucumber in it. Apart from the soup you get a piece of fried fish with sambal and white rice. The soup was extremely good, the fish has a slight smell which is common. The fried fish was average at best as it was under seasoned and not crisp. The sambal though was amazing. The best we had in the trip.


Post lunch it was time to head to the beach, the sanur beach was clean and photogenic. You can rent the beach chairs and relax. It was time for sunset and we wanted to experience it. But the sunset was on the opposite side. We travelled all the way across to Seminyak beach , it took us 45 mins on a 2 wheeler, we waited for an hour, got some amazing pictures of ourselves and finally witnessed the sunset and that was the only sunset we witnessed on the entire trip. You have a lot of restaurants here, huge number of places , the prices are reasonable due to the stiff competition.

We went back to the villa and we planned to cook all of a sudden, got some Indian spices, chicken and made a curry for dinner. That was day 4.

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