Malaysia Day 2: Petronas towers, Petaling street food market and a lot more.

After an exceptional day, it was time to explore and cover a few more places. This was the last day we had in Kuala Lumpur, yes 2 days in KL is a very small stay but we had this just to cover a few food places.

After our breakfast we got into our taxi to visit the Suria KLCC mall , this time for the observation deck of the Petronas towers. Our slot was booked for 12:30 and we were there around 11:45 just be be extra cautious. Here they have 2 spots , one is the bridge that connects both the towers and the other on the 86th floor, you have to change the elevator from the 83rd floor. You get to wait and experience the views, click pictures for approximately 15 minutes at each deck. The view is extremely good, its not a common sight unless you’ve visited a few other decks like at Burj khalifa, shanghai tower and the others at that height. Attaching a picture below, view from the 86th floor.

After that we visited Little Penang kafe which is located in the same mall. Again, even this was a place we had in mind and placed it here as its in the same mall. The place was full , we had to wait for about 10 minutes until we got seated. Sad part here (in Kuala Lumpur) was that none of the places gives you water to drink, a glass of water is charged , here it was 1 RM for regular water and 1.5 RM for chilled water. We ordered for a local hot coffee, iced tea and a iced coffee. The iced coffee was the best, super refreshing with mild tones of coffee as the ice melts down.

We ordered Lorbak, a dish with chicken rolled in fermented soya bean sheet and deep fried.  Penang curry mee had a creamy coconut based soup with noodles , prawns and fish balls. Char kway teow was another new dish , it had noodles like made with rice cake strips which had a slight chewiness to it. A must try dish here. We also ordered a drink as it sounded different and a red rubies dessert. It was kedondong also known as ambarella fruit, it had a sweet and sour taste to it. The red rubies was something different, we expected it to be sweet as it was mentioned under the dessert section. It had shaved ice but the coconut milk was slightly salty , not sure if it was meant to be that was. It had water chestnuts and jack fruit as well.

Forgot to mention about the Nasi Lemak penang with fried chicken. Nasi lemak is considered to be the national dish of Malaysia. Its rice cooked with coconut milk and comes with a side of peanuts, anchovies , curry , egg and some chilly. An exceptional dish. Overall this is one place you have to visit. Its got some good ambience and even better food.

After having our meal we came out but our dessert craving wasn’t satisfied. I came across a stall named Nadeje cake shop. I haven’t heard of them before but they seem to have a lot of point of sales at various locations. I picked up their premium Black forest crepe cake slice, it was a stunner. Soft with perfect amount of sweetness and I still regret of not going with another. They had a lot of options to choose from.


Post this we still had another place to visit, it was at another mall so we went there. It might feel like it was lot of food, it was a lot of varieties but in limited quantities. We went to the the Pavillion mall to check out Din Tai Fung. Its a taiwanese restaurant chain known for their Xiaolongbao or Soup dumplings. The best place we have visited in KL in terms of service, cleanliness and hygiene. Their food was equally good. We ordered for a portion of chicken and pork soup dumplings. Along with it we had some crispy shrimp wantons and mini custard egg baos. An extremely satisfying meal.

Then we walked around the mall, it was a super fancy mall with all the luxury brands in it. You name it , you’ll mostly see it there. We found a kiosk selling Boba or bubble tea, grabbed one with brown sugar and golden tapioca pearls. A really good one. We chose the 70% sugar level.


We then went back to the hotel , sat for sometime before heading out for dinner. Petaling street was almost closed by the time we were there. A few food places were open but the shopping places were closed. We had the skewers here again but they were disappointing. We had roti Canai , murtabak at a local stall which was very good. It was pretty normal until one of my friends spotted a stall they’ve seen on a food channel which is known for chicken clay pot rice. We went there and ordered for a medium sized clay pot rice. It starts with rice and water, then they add lots of sauces like soya, sesame oil and a few others along with chicken. This is then cooked over coal, to be frank it didn’t really wow me. I didn’t find it that good, it had way too much of soy sauce making it salty but others liked it.

We were almost done and we were just walking by and we came across a soy milk kiosk. We tried a glass of soy milk and a portion of bean curd. The soy milk has a little bitterness, its sweetened with sugar syrup. The bean curd was warm , had a similar bitterness but the jaggery syrup made it better. A good way to end the meal.

That was an end to the Malaysia series and we headed to Bali the next morning.

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