Malaysia Day 1 : KL Tower, Hutong food court and Jalan Alor

Everyone needs a break from their daily routine, people often travel or stay back and relax and that’s completely based on the individual. After the food trip to Madurai, the second one was on the cards. We chose Bali for some Indonesian food and also some breath taking views. On our way we had a lay over at Kuala Lumpur and that is when we decided to explore a bit of Malaysia as well.

We booked our tickets , hotels and transport much earlier , it was a slow relaxed process that begun 3 months prior to the date of travel.

Putting it in simple and quick sentences. We landed around 7:30 in the morning, completed the arrival procedures and moved to our Hotel Ancasa. We booked this as it was closer to the major spots we would be visiting and has a good view. But sadly it wasn’t worth it. The basic requirements were fulfilled but it failed to wow us. The view was obstructed with a building being constructed, no house keeping on time , got it done on the 2nd day after we asked them which is usually done on a daily basis and the breakfast was okayish, nothing great as such. Keeping this aside lets go straight to the next point.


We got the observation deck tickets of the Menara KL tower as complimentary from the travel agent. The tower has 2 parts, sky deck is the level above and the observation deck is below. We checked with the counter there and an upgrade to skydeck would be an additional 50 RM, we skipped upgrading as we had another observation at Petronas towers the next day. So my advise would be to do any one either Petronas towers or Skydeck of KL tower (not obseravtion deck) as both have similar views.

On your way back you’ll see a small colorful house which is upside down, its known as upside down house, we though it was like a cafe but its just a spot for some pictures. Looks good .

Post this we headed to Lot 10 mall to grab some lunch fro the food court. We had penned down all the places we had to visit and this was one place , not to be missed. This place is purely for non vegetarians, you’d see kiosks and stalls serving a wide range of food. From dumplings to noodles, braised meats to shaved ice, you have a lot to choose from. Before adding this to the list let me tell you each and every dish has a unique flavour and aroma, which might not be suitable for your palate, its local food.

We picked up crispy pork belly which was extremely good, one of the best dished on the trip. It was a misorder, we wanted something else and we ordered this instead. turned out to be a good one. Apart from this we ordered Tom yum pan soup, it had a tangy broth with noodles, squid, anchovies , prawns and some shitake mushrooms. We also had a giant dumpling and prawns wrapped in fermented soy bean sheets. Overall it was a really good meal.


We walked out to kill some time and we craved for some dessert. We found a place serving shaved ice and some beverages. We had some time so placed an order for a duet of mango and coconut with sago,a watermelon jelly soda and some tea. We tried the Godiva soft serve and that was the biggest disappointment in Malaysia.

We still had about 2 hours for dinner so we preponed our Aquarium plan and covered it there as we were close by. Some really good collection or marine animals and they also have specific timings where you can experience some of the activities like piranha feeding and a few others.

After completing the aquarium tour we went to the famous Jalan Alor night market. You can’t describe the experience, its a complete street that is filled with stalls, kiosks with tables and chairs on the streets. People chilling, you’ve got beers, fruits , skewers, desserts and a lot of others. We started with some skewers. the enoki mushrooms were the best, they put some flour and deep fry them. We had some butter garlic prawns , fried squid, fried banana and jack fruit.

I had my first experience with cendol here. It had shaved ice with coconut milk, blue pea sticky rice balls, peach crystal like jelly, pandan noodles (like our semiya in falooda)(pandan is a leaf extract), corn and red beans. A very good one. The mochi here was dissapointing. We picked up some Japanese style cheesecake slice and coconut ice cream on our way back.

We reached our hotel after a 15 minute walk and that was the end for Day 1.


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