New Menu at Aura Cafe – a Gourmet Passport Experience

Gourmet passport doesn’t need any introduction, we’ve already had a few exclusive experiences penned down. This was another great one. Aura cafe is one of the best cafes in Hyderabad and is doing an amazing job. Yes, the pricing is steep but it has a quality factor.

Its been an year now and it was time to have a few changes to the menu. According to the owner they have put in a lot of efforts to crate something special and different. This includes a lot of travelling to study the food patterns and market influences by the kitchen team.

Lets check the new menu. #auracafe #gourmetpassport #Hyderabadfoodexplorer


The cafe is a very good looking one, it isn’t a huge place like a full fledged restaurant but is quite good for a cafe. It can accommodate roughly 60 pax at once. The entry is from their gourmet store Pangea which deals with imported products like cheeses, snacks, cold cuts, vegetables, fruits and a lot of them.

They have both outdoor and indoor seating options available. The outdoors are perfect for evenings, a cup of hot beverage and this amazing weather is a perfect combination while the indoors are relaxed and great for small gatherings and gossiping.

Food and Beverages:

We had a lot of dishes , won’t be possible to explain everything, i’ll let the pictures speak.


We had two soups, Deconstructed soba noodle soup and Deconstructed Mexican chilly bean soup. Both of them were presented in a similar way. The soba noodle one had a thin, translucent and a flavorful broth with noodles and vegetables. The Mexican one had a bell peppers. beans . corn and slightly tangy sharp broth.


Aura House salad was a simple one with a few lettuce including lollo rosso and some fresh vegetables, it had a vinaigrette dressing. The hale and hearty salad on the other hand had some quinoa mixed with bell peppers, topped with cucumber and cheese ( looked like bocconcini)

Smoked chicken and apple salad was an interesting combination. It has sliced meat , more like a salami cone with apples , orange segments and some greens. The kale, watermelon and feta salad was the best. Chilled salad with scooped watermelon, mildly strong kale leaves and creamy feta went really well.


The Middle eastern sampler had a little of everything. The presentation here needs a special mention. It had falafel, hummus, baba ganoush , pitas clipped on etc.

Tortilla chips de Mexico are nachos topped with a fresh tomato salsa (not the dip) and cheese, came with sides of guacamole and the salsa dip.

Haven’t tried the Maggi bowl and Heavenly sriracha. Attaching the pictures though.

Crispy Non vegetarian Platter included 4 different versions of crispy treats. It had fish fingers, chicken tenders, prawns and chicken wings. Came with a spicy mayo, everything tasted really good. Jalapeno poppers are not the frozen store bought pops, these were fresh peppers filled , crumb coated and fried. These were served with some really good tartar sauce. Mini corn dogs were new to Hyderabad, I don’t think there is someone else who’s got this on the menu.


We had some cappuccino , a Mojito and a Nutella franken shake. Everything was good accordingly , just felt there was too much lime juice in the Mojito.

Main Course:

We had the famous Mumbai toasty on the menu, had a lot of food already with a lot of tasting coming up, so skipped this.


We had a quesadilla and an Enchilada as well.

Got to know that Colombian style roasted chicken with rice was the best. I actually picked up cutlery to try this but somehow another dish came in and I completely forgot about this. We also had the zucchini spaghetti or the zoodles. A healthier version of pasta and including the vegetable nutrients.

Ragi pizza was something they emphasized on as it was a healthier option. The taste was good but it missed on the texture part. The ragi base was soft and it didn’t have a crunch to it even though it was a thin one. The butter chicken pizza on the other hand was absolutely amazing. The cheese and the tang from the butter chicken paired very well.



We tried 3 desserts in total. Don’t have the macaron platter picture though. The chocolate bomb mousse with caramel was the best from this section. A chocolate sphere filled with  mousse, finished with warm caramel sauce at the table. The brownie tower looked good but lacked a fudgy texture, it was more like a cake style version but was a bit dry as well. The macarons I felt could have been better in terms of the shell. The sweetness got a touch higher as the filling and the outer shell had quite a bit of sweetness.


Overall , This was a top meal. All the dishes had quality as a priority followed by taste and presentation.

Service , Pricing and Location:

The service was spot on, quick and efficient. They’ve taken every single instruction and were quick enough to learn about the new dishes and explain.

Pricing is on the higher side but as they say , quality comes at a price. No compromise with the quality.

Address: Plot 280-A, Road 10C, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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