Sangeet Ceremony and Cocktails, Westin , Hyderabad – Shaadi by Marriott Series

The Wedding season has begun and this is something where each one of them love to showcase their pride and hospitality. The wedding ceremony of India is one of the best or probably the best in the world. Hence commonly called The big fat Indian wedding when its grand.

The aspects what one looks for , be it from the grooms family or the brides family, everyone wants it to be done ever so smoothly and in the best possible way without too much of fuss. This is where Shaadi by Marriott comes into the picture.


So what is it?

Shaadi by Marriott defines personalizing a complete wedding experience, right from the perfect venue and exquisite decor to great food and unparalleled hospitality. Whether it’s a Big Fat Indian Wedding or an intimate one, the brand aims to offer guests the best of the best, all under one roof.

Marriott is tied up with the best in the business, from the decors , flower arrangements, panning the event, food , MC and every other department you wish to see.

Let me take you through their Sangeet and Cocktails event.

It started with a grand welcome, a pathway lit and decorated with glitters with a warm welcome at the entrance. A huge display set , beautifully crafted food and beverages but before that  lets get in. On the either sides they had huge drums and shenais giving you that royal welcome. You have a few portraits to get some pictures clicked on the memorable day and so on.

As soon as we enter we have a simple yet elegantly set up stage for the ceremony. A simple crescent shaped decor with white and pink flows adding to its beauty. On the other side they had the bar where the brand ambassador of Chivas regal was mixing his signatures. The counter was squared with rice bulbs and making it like a small compartment with some tables facing towards the dance floor.

All these small details do matter quite a lot especially when you need everything to go well. We had a few appetizers being served, I haven’t tried any , but they looked pretty good, we just opted for the mains. The event started , the MC addressed everyone and the a few moments later we had the bride and groom come in. The entry was a special one. With a stellar performance both of them came in.

The next part was some dance performances. Its difficult to pen down about these because these are to be witnessed live. It might just seem normal here but the vibes are completely different. We had bosco daboos team performing and they just took it to another level all together,

Another major aspect of a wedding is food, it all depends on this. The dessert counter especially deserves a lot of appreciation. From the petit fours, flans to the beautiful and elegant cakes everything was perfectly done. It definitely stands out as one amazing part of the event.

Apart from this the salad counter and the live grills were pretty good as well. The kheema biryani needs another special mention. The flavours and the presentation were spot on. We also had another counter with some asian food and some good blend of mushrooms on offer.

To sum it up, it was a great event and now I know where to head to for making some memorable celebrations. So this is just the sangeet and cocktails part, they even had mehendi at Sheraton, hi tea at Marriot executive apartments and the final Wedding at Marriott , Hyderabad.

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