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Coffee , a few years ago it was all just machines here in Hyderabad. All the coffee shops, most of them had coffee dispensers but off late people have found a new interest in fresh brews. This resulted in a coffee revolution , a mini one though in Hyderabad. Quite a few places came up and running pretty well. These places made sure that the customers know about their coffee, difference between the variants and also the process of making them.

They all knew just coffee and a few finger food on the menu wouldn’t work, hence many place has converted them into cafes serving a full fledged menu.

Ironhill is now at a new location, wider space and amazing food along with their speciality, the Coffee. They have kopi Luwak on the menu which is one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

Lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #ironhillcafe


The place is quite big with both indoor and outdoor seating available. The weather was perfect , so we opted for the outdoors. Gloomy weather, a slight drizzle and some good company had to make it even better and they did.

The indoors have about 5 tables , a book shelf and some games. They also have a nice arrangement on the sides , some good wall paintings and lots of greenery on the outside.

Food and Beverages:

The first to come in were the full day breakfast options. The 10 star was an European style omelette stuffed with sausages, perfectly cooked and came with a side of hash browns, grilled tomato and toast. The Cheesy beg fiesta came with Similar sides but had mushrooms and veggies inside along with lots of cheese.

The next was the peri peri paneer and exotic parsley fish bite. Couldn’t try the fish but my friends loved it. The peri peri paneer were skewed and served with a dip on the side. A good one for the vegetarians.

Peri Peri chicken sandwich was like a panini, great flavour , need a touch more of the spice. But was a really good one. We also had a Bombay sandwich, the iconic grilled sandwich with green chutney, potatoes , onions  , cucumber , cheese and a few others. The taste was pretty good for a cafe.

The pancakes here need a special mention , fluffy pancakes with no eggy odour, comes with a side of whipped cream and maple syrup. We tried the nutella one, which was equally or even better than the regular.

Don’t tell mommy was a decent one but can be improved. The waffle was decent but the gelato somehow wasnt creamy, but more like icy which isn’t a good sign.

Earth wind and fire had waffle quarters topped with fresh fruit , maple syrup and whipped cream.

Their pizzas were amazing, squared pizzas with generous toppings of meat and vegetables. Missed out on trying the chilly chicken pizza but the Iron hill cafe delight pizza was surely a treat to eat. The vibrant colours , the flavorful sauce and the thin crust made it really good.

We also had their french toasts and this was something that can be improved as well. I’d love my pancakes , waffles and French toasts with a side of ice-cream so if you can just add on that would be great. We had Tuesday heart break (strawberry jam and banana) and the star child (peanut butter).


The hangover burger was good but I somehow felt it was similar to the sandwich. It had the same sauce , the chicken with a few more additions. Missed trying out the dennis burger but here is the picture.

We had around 4 drinks, the taste was good but again more of water content. Not sure if they are using ice to make it cold or the gelato. Instead adding some ice-cream to it would male it creamier. The iron hill brownie would have been amazing of it had double the amount of brownie in it. Personal opinion, but I prefer lots of brownie bits in my frappe or shake.

We had cilantro rice bowl, Jamaican jerk chicken, Vegetable au gratin and a few of their meal boxes . The pricing , quality, taste and quantity of the meal boxes are something that’ll make me visit them quite often.

The Jamaican chicken came with a portion of salad and a portion of rice. The au gratin was decent, a few more vegetables making it slightly less saucy might have been better. A nice cheese crust adds another dimension.

Coming to the meal boxes, the southern meal box was a stunner. Aromatic and flavourful chicken Pulao came with a small portion of chicken 65 and raitha.

The oriental box was equally good. Noodles were good , it also includes a small portion of started , gravy and salad. The flavour were well put. The meal boxes are a bliss. Affordable , filling and tasty.

And yes we also had some demonstration on the different ways to make coffee. The aeropress , french press, pour over and chemex.


Service , location and Pricing:

The service is quick and prompt, no changes or complaints required.

Address: Behind pride honda, Madhapur.

The pricing is extremely affordable and generous with the portions. Extremely satisfied.

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