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Ohri’s is an extremely popular brand in Hyderabad. They are well known for their themed restaurants. The ambience and setup are in place according to the name. Ohri’s Gufaa is themed like a cave, Serengeti like a jungle with a few animals with movements (artificial), Ohri’s metro etc are a few to name but they didn’t have a restaurant dedicated to south Indian.

Ohri’s Uppu is the first venture which focuses on South Indian. It includes food from the following 5 states. Telanagana, Andhra Pradesh , kerala , Karnataka and Tamil nadu. The executive chef is from a reputed restaurant of a 5 star property, so you can expect some really good food.

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One of the best part of an Ohri’s outlet has to be the ambience. Similar to the other ones even this has beautiful decors. The Elephant on the outside is the first sign of a real good ambience.

The inside is slightly dim, with specific lights which are suitable for a calm and leisure meal. The pillars are done beautifully, matching the cutlery and covers laid. You have condiments including podis and pickles on the table along with your regular cover setup. The bar counter is well set and catchy.

Food and Beverages:

They have a activated Charcoal lemonade as a welcome drink. A refreshing and a tangy beginning. You also have Para ( snack made with refined flour and spice) on the table.



For the Vegetarian we had Alasandula wada. Native to the telugu homes these are flat wadas made with eyed beans or lobiya. These were served with an extremely good chutney. A thick chutney tempered with urad dal, curry leaves, mustard and dried red chilly. The Palkatti Varuval was good as well. Deep fried cottage cheese tossed with black pepper and onion. (missed taking a picture)


Nalla miryala Mamsam was another good one. A generous use of fresh crushed black pepper to spike it up. This was served in papad bowls to add eye appeal. Was a real good one in terms of the taste and texture as well.


Telangana Kodi roast has a splendid masala. Although the chicken has a slightly different taste , the masala was a star. Balanced heat from the spices , tender meat and perfect weather for it.


Mamsam sukka chops were everybody’s favourite. Mutton ribs cut in pairs or a pair of chops marinated and cooked in a onion and black pepper base. The meat was well cooked, finger licking good.


Chitti Royyala Thalimpu had small prawns cooked in a basic method using green chillies and South Indian tempering. These were served in savory tart shells.



All of their outlets are known for some good drinks, even this didn’t disappoint. We had a pineapple and elder flower mocktail which had freshness from ginger. Another drink called okadu (no sure if it was this name)(picture attached below) was the best of the Mocktails.


Main Course:

Kori Ghassi was my personal favourite from the mains. A rich ,smooth and slightly spicy gravy finished with coconut milk went well along with the malabar paratha. Tender meat and a flavorful gravy were the key.

Erachi Ullarthiyathu wasn’t far behind. This had a brownish gravy when compared to the reddish Kori Ghassi which cleans meant the heat was in the form of black pepper again.Cooking onions until brown added a tinge of natural sweetness to the dish.

Peethala Iguru , a very popular preparation on the coastal regions of Andhra pradesh. If you have the patience and love crabs then this could be your pick.


Malabar Pacha kari stew was another crowd favourite along with the appam. A sweetish stew with vegetables cooked along with coconut milk was a perfect match to the appam.

The appam had a slight sourness due to the fermentation process. Every new batch has a started from the previous batch and that is how the batter gets fermented.


This is where I found they can slightly step up and improve on. After a cozy meal , they’ve opted to take the classics in a fusion way.

We had a Elaneer Cheesecake with Peach Phirni. The cheesecake was more like a mousse set with gelatine. The coconut pieces sunk to the bottom and also coconut being very mild it couldn’t show its true flavour. The Phirni was the best dessert but not sure how it came in here.


The filter coffee mousse was decent again, not wow wow kind but fairly good. A few changes and they are good to go.


This probably is because of the high hopes we had after the appetizers and mains.

Pricing, Location and Service:

The pricing is good. Not steep and neither too low. A casual dining experience.

The service as well was professional at work. Didn’t find any drawbacks with it.

Address: Door 8-2-682/3, Road 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

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