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Not long ago, people weren’t looking for other options when it come to Pan Asian cuisines apart from Chinese and a little Thai. But the food trend has evolved at a rapid pace, within a couple of years there have been places that came up covering major of the Pan Asian flavours. A lot of them are doing pretty good and also the acceptance and developing a palate for the same by the people has been a big plus for the restaurants.

It still couldn’t be like the authentic way but it is definitely close to it. Maguro is the newest addition to the current list of Pan Asian restaurants in the city. Though its a new place the owner and Chef has a lot of experience behind them which was evident in their food and service.

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Its on the first floor , accessible through stairs. From the outside it looks simple but the beauty is on the inside. A perfect food scene for lunches with the natural light and some good decors. Another good part is that they have different sections of seating available. One being a traditional way , the other two are the normal way with different make overs.

Every table has a succulent, a few portraits on the walls, some crockery and well laid covers with chopsticks. All this added up to an amazing food experience which followed by.


A common way to start at a Pan Asian restaurant is the Jasmine tea. A mild , refreshing start to the meal.


We started it with a burnt garlic dim sum soup. This is how I like a soup. Thin and flavourful broth is always my first preference. The shapes of the vegetables added appeal to it. It also had rice noodles along with the dim sums . You can spice it up with the condiments available on the table, that gives it a good spice kick.




The first one to try from the vegetarian ones was the tangy cheese balls. These were actually cheese balls with a higher cheese content that any other. It isn’t potato with little cheese but something much much better. These tossed in a slightly sweet sauce added a zing to the basic. Loved these.DSC_0957_1-01

Part from these we had crispy lotus stem , this is a common one now. Fried lotus stem tossed in a sweet sauce. Another basic preparation were the Hunan beans, haven’t tried them. We actually had a sushi like a cone for a vegetarian friend. One of its kind.

Horenso Goma ae was take to another level, not just mixed and put in , but shaped and topeed with sesame and peanut sauce.


Non Vegetarian:

Yakitori Teriyaki was the first one which I tried. It was a wonderful start. It had skewed chicked and leeks which were seared and topped with teriyaki sauce. That char was something to look for. Butter garlic prawns are on a milder version where the prominent taste is of the prawns.

Hana Sashimi Hamachi was beautifully presented, it had fresh fish , sliced and put in as a flower and topped with salmon roe. The salmon roe, as soon as you pop it you feel the slight flavours of the ocean. Refreshing and clean flavour.


The sushi platter isn’t on the menu but can be done on request. Ours had Shake no ko Gunkan wich was salmon with eggs. A nice orange hue indicates some good fish. Akami nigiri was the tuna nigiri, fresh tuna on sticky ice was a good one with a touch of soy. It also had Hotete Nigiri (scallop). The best one for my palate was the Ebi tempura. It was a uramaki with prawn tempura. Undoubtedly some of the best sushis in the city. The presentation needs a special mention.


I felt the bao was pretty good as well, not the jumbo sized ones but much smaller. I would have like a little more of the filling but the outer was extremely soft and fluffy.


Main Course:

Katsu chicken was one of my favorites recently when i came across it in a cloud kitchen. This was a different version. Japanese Katsu chicken , it is a crispy chicken fillet , flattened and sliced. Served with a side of a vegetable curry. Loved this version. That crispness was something you could never forget.


The Thai Phad noodles were another good ones. This however doesn’t have the sweetness in it, so you have different version of the same. One of my friend had a special dish with pork made on request. It was a unique one. Pork Datshi was a Bhutanese style dish , the pork was extremely tender cooked in a cheesy sauce with whole green chillies. You can ask for a vegetarian version as well.


We had fresh Mango with sticky rice. Sadly this can’t be on the menu because of the seasonal availability. However if they work it out with seasonal fruits it could be a great one. The sticky rice was cooked in coconut milk and slightly sweetened.


Thab Thim Crob was the best one I had all my life. The water chestnuts were smaller, mixed in sago flour and boiled with a pink syrup. The coconut cream was thick, not very sweet and not tweaked too much. I could have 2 to 3 portions of this even after a heavy meal.


Location , Pricing and Service:

Address: On the First floor of the building beside churrolto, Film Nagar Main Road, In Front Of Indian Oil, Film Nagar, Hyderabad.

The pricing is apt for the quality of food and the precision they have.

Service wasn’t behind at all when compared to the food. Smooth and super quick.

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