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When it comes to luxury hotels or star properties they always come up with interesting food festivals that last for a limited period of time. These food fests allow you to experience the different cultures, traditions and are close to the actual ones and every time its something different from the previous one.

But not always its about cuisines , traditions etc but also simple concepts that have been slowly fading away or being compensated to save on time and work load. The recent one at Taj Deccan was the crab festival and it gained immense popularity. This time around the concept is fairly simple yet something interesting.

A few pictures of the table set up and decors at Spice junxion. The ambience was beautiful. Well lit with all the natural light coming in , well spaced tables and some good decors.

One major part for this fest to come up was the location , the property is amidst a few corporate offices , hospitals and a few places where people do not have much time or just look for options for a quick meal.

This is where the concept takes its role , an opportunity where one can experience simple home style food , all prepare a’la minute with not much of a waiting time. Everything comes set in a tiffin box with quite a few options.

A pictorial representation of what comes in the lunch box. So what do you get? You have Chirutillu (appetizers), Kura (curry), Vepudu(fry) , Pulusu (tangy gravy) , Pappu (lentils) and Annam (rice (flavoured)) in one tiffin and the other has 3 desserts.You have accompaniments to go along with these.


On the Menu today:

We had local style fried Chicken, Telangana mutton curry , carrot and beans poriyal, yam and greens , tomato pappu and lemon rice. To go along you have Pooris, steamed rice , chutneys , podi , pickle , curd and papad.

We were give a amuse bouche , a South Indian version for this as well. Punugulu with pineapple rasam to get things going. Extremely well done punugu with the rasam. The rasam had a perfect tang to it.

Lets start with the the chicken, sometimes dishes like these are the ones we enjoy the most.  A Simple chicken fry , with spices and a thin batter coat. Was slightly under seasoned , but a good one to start.

The Telangana mutton curry was really good. Not the commercial or the one loaded with spice and chilly but a mild home style version. The best part was the tenderness of the meat. It had slight sourness from the tomatoes in it. Top stuff.

The yam with greens , although you wouldn’t expect it to be as good as the rest , this was surprisingly good. I actually like yam , this was a good match with some leafy greens. A simple preparation with minimal spices.

Tomato pappu is a household preparation. Most of them have this regularly. A simple , south Indian version of a dal. Carrot and beans poriyal , another preparation from tamil nadu. Prepared with grated coconut , mustard seeds, a few green chillies and curry leaves.Lemon rice was another really good one.

We had Poori , curd and a salad to go along with these. You could also opt for steamed rice apart from these.

Once done with these we had the desserts come in. We had parippu payasam , qubani ka meetha and cut fruits.

A classic sweet dish for Onam in kerala is the parippu payasam. This was the best of the desserts. What made this so good was the textures, it was smooth and at the same time had a bit of chunky texture. The sweetness was perfectly balanced as well.

The Qubani ka meetha on the other hand was pretty good as well. Apricots cooked in a sugar syrup until thick. You can actually categorize this as a fruit preserve or a jam.(almost). The nuts from the Apricot seed added to the texture balance giving it a little bite.

The overall aspect is well maintained. This gives a sense of satisfaction and comforting soul food. Such simple preparation styles ensure to get the best out of the produce and their contents.

Behind this wonderful concept and food are Chef Rishi and his kitchen along with the Service team ensure you are looked after well and you eat well. Amidst all the work load you always need some nutritious yet tasty food.

Service , Pricing and location:

The service was another aspect that made this a wonderful meal. Professional and prompt service team.

The tiffin box is priced at 847 ++

Address: Spice Junxion, Taj Deccan, Road 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

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