Mango Fiesta by Farzi cafe

The only good part of summers in Hyderabad would be the fruits for me. A lot of my favorites are summer fruits. Keeping the rest aside, mangoes are something most of us love. Farzi cafe is known for its innovative take on Indian food, not just another progressive Indian restaurant.

The season for mangoes is here and they have an extensive menu for it. From appetizers to desserts they have quite a few options with the mango twist. Its raw mango in the appetizers and the mains and ripe mangoes for desserts.

Lets check them out.



Farzi cafe has a mixed ambience, its extremely bright for lunches , the best meal for some good pictures, its all natural daylight that does the magic. Dinners are dim, gives you something like personal space with minimal lighting.

They have a separate area for DJ and drinks, its like the partying section of the restaurant. They also have seating on the top floor, best for lunches.



The first thing to look at Farzi is the amuse bouche. The presentation is what gets you first. The amuse bouche as well was a mango flavored one.




The start was a spectacular one. We had a raw mango and papaya salad. The spaghetti cut gave it a really good texture. the perfect crunch. The salad had a good balance of sweetness, sourness from the tamarind and the masala peanuts gave it an addition zing.


Ghee podi baby idlis tasted good as well but missed that mango touch to it. The idly on its own and also along the tomato chutney was good, the salad on the side with mint chutney went really well.


Old delhi aloo tikki chaat for me was something in between. I loved the toppings , the components went well but I found the tikki to be powdery, not sure if it was with just one ore the entire lot.


Non Vegetarian:

Tandoori river sole was a good one as well, well marinated and cooked to perfection. The good part is that it didn’t have the smell even though it wasn’t a frozen one. The mango part comes with the accompaniment. The base of the fish had a raw mango chutney, not a regular one , its a gel style puree.


The spiced chicken meatballs were exceptionally good, they were stuffed with raw mango bits and cheese. The garnish was a potato papad cigar.


The ginger and aam papad prawns were probably the best or equally the best appetizer. The prawns were batter fried and tossed in a sweet coating topped with aam papad (dried ripe mango). An explosion of flavour.


Honey lamb chops were good but in terms of the mango flavor it could be slightly better. The mango puree was only at the base, the top was just like any other lamb chops. The meat was tender and seasoned well.


Main course:

Paneer pepper fry was actually a pretty good one , the presentation of gravies here is much different. The base gravy is green mango and tomato , the paneer and bell peppers had a peppery taste and went well along with the tangy gravy. Served with a side of malabar paratha.


Andhra fish curry was presented in a similar way. The fried fish was placed on top of the raw mango rice. The curry had a higher spice content. Bold flavors.


The desserts on this menu were spectacular. Some of the best desserts in the recent past.

Mango and white chocolate Popsicle was really good , the Popsicle itself was a star. Super creamy , natural flavor and smooth on the palate. It was supposed to have faluda at the base but it had kulfi and phirni, still was a exceptional dessert.


The vanilla bean cheesecake with aam ras was another star, completely different from the previous dessert. The cheesecake was a baked version , subtle notes of mango. Presented along with berry compote, mango and fresh blueberries.


Service , Pricing and Location:

The service was smooth , nothing to complain.

The menu is a ala carte one, attaching the menu here.


Address: 1200, Road 59, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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