Ramzan Mubarak – Kebabs and kurries, ITC Kakatiya

It is the holy month of Ramzan and the city oh Hyderabad is all lit. Food stalls, shopping sprees, pop ups everything have begun. The major part of it what we as Hyderabadis love is definitely the food. This Ramzan get to taste some unique, exotic and also classic delicacies from Kebabs and kurries.

For the first time ever , there is a same menu for Ramzan across all Kebabs and kurries across the country. This is a A’la carte menu to go along with the regular menu. The options are quite open to vegetarians as well.

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The ambience for kebabs and kurries is kept to a basic style, you don’t have flashy lights , excessive props, its just to add a little , but something that will not take the F and B experience out of the scenario. The aim is to make sure everyone is comfortable , as they cater to a mix of clients which include kids, adults and also elders.

They have some pretty corners, live kitchen to see how the food is getting prepared. As a kid I was always amused to see what happens in the kitchen. Extremely clean , hygienic and professional working standards.

Food and Beverage:

We had a welcome drink , a rose flavored soda with a hint of masala. A refresher before we started with the food.



We had Marag and Himayati shorba, marag was areally good one , it had a rich broth , slightly creamy , tender meat. Went extremely well along with the naan. The himayati shorba on the other hand is low on richness, it had a thickner in the lentil puree and was finished with garlic. Basic , simple yet delicious.




The first to come was the Tikhe mattar aur hari mirch ke kebab. As the name suggests it was a patty made with peas. It had a mild spice from the green chilly, perfect sear on the outside gave it a slight crisp texture to balance out the smooth mashed peas. Its slighly heavy on the palette as well.


Mausami Subz seekh was another good one, even though it was a seekh it still had a slight crunch from the vegetables, perfectly spiced and seasoned. Vegetarians would love this.


Soya haleem was something to satisfy the vegetarians. A similar style of preparation where the meat was substituted with soya granules , a little kundru for the texture. Although its different taste wise(when compared to non vegetarian) , it tasted really good.


Non Vegetarian:

Silbattey ki shammi, When you think of shammi , you make up your mind for a smooth meat patty but this was a different one. Silbatta is a mortar and pestle, the meat is ground in it , its doesn’t break down, it still had the texture of meat. Extremely well seasoned and spiced. This was easily amongst the best for the day or the best for the day.


Mutton haleem was a good one as well, not overly spiced , it had a really good consistency , loaded with ghee and nut pastes. This could be the richest haleem I have had in the recent past. Heavy on the palette again. The egg also adds to the texture and additional smoothness from the yolk.


Main Course:


Something creative was Tursh-E-Paneer. Thinly cut cottage cheese(like sheets) were stuffed with pomegranate and cheese , seared and topped with a tangy tomato gravy with apricots in it. This was a another good one, the tang from the tomatoes cuts through the fatty cheese really well.


Dal hara moong Awadhi is a simple preparation with green dal and some mild spices. Went well along with the lachha parathas.


We had Qubooli and gucchi pulao , the Qubooli had a masala made with bengal gram, nuts and spices. It had a slight tang to it as well, the gucchi pulao is a pulao made with Himalayan morel mushrooms, the dried ones are re hydrated and stuffed with cheese. It had a slight bitterness , but the cheese cut it down.

Non vegetarian:

Dum ka murgh , a hyderabadi delicacy lived up to the xpectations, always been a fan of Dum ka murgh. It has a slight tang from the curd used in the gravy , meat was cooked really well.



We had Sheer Khurma for dessert , this was a warm version , it had thin vermicelli , nuts sauteed in ghee and dates. Not overly sweet, really well balanced. A satisfying end to the meal.


Ended it with some Paan.


Service  Pricing and Location:

The service was smooth , prompt and professional as you’d expect in a luxury dining place.

This is a A’la carte menu , attaching the menu.

Address: ITC Kakatiya, 6-3-1187, Begumpet, Hyderabad

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