Madurai Part 3 – Kadambavanam

We almost got used or rather say a glimpse to the streets and the liveliness of the city , it was time to move on. Tamil Nadu is filled with culture and tradition , we had to get a glimpse of that as well.

We could have thought on nothing else but of Kadambavanam resort, one its outside the city amidst plantations and greenery and the second , its a place where we could know a lot more about the tradition , culture and eating patterns.


Madurai was originally a forest known as Kadambavanam. The history goes way back , but as of now lets get on with the resort.

Tamil Nadu is protected from the influences and the invasions , the culture and traditions that were back then are still being taken care of or just still exist. Kadambavanam aims in protecting and showcasing the same with the help of some small activities.

They have a cultural centre in the premises , a theatre (not the movies), a temple, a pool, they arrange school trips, engaging activities , puppet shows etc . When there’s a bigger group they arrange special activities or can mix and match according to the requirements.

Coming to the rooms , they are individual cottages amidst greenery and mango trees. A few issues with internet connectivity and signals but that gives you some quality time in nature. The rooms were neatly done, clean and well maintained. The best part pof the room for me was the open top shower area. Like absolutely amazing. A shower to remember.

You have sets of the activities, restaurant menu and a few others in the room. My personal recommendation would be to explore a little of the unexplored which you cant find in the city.

Our lunch was at their restaurant. They have indoors and outdoors. The restaurant and its food has a really interesting story. There is a pictorial representation of the Samudra Manthana on the wall.

The basic aim was to provide food that is meant to satisfy the soul. Basically it includes food with all different tastes and the harmony of various ingredients that are meant to be good for the body. They also provide buffets according to your requirement. The land back then was and is low on water , resulting in agriculture of various millets, it wasn’t suitable for rice.

Our lunch was on a Banana leaf , we had a wide menu . I tasted a little of everything. We had nethilli fry (anchovie), Mutton sukka , kari soru (mutton curry mixed in white rice), garlic rice , paniyaram omelette, papad, eral curry (prawns), rasam , sambar . raita, potato and peas curry, Naatu kozhi ,mango , banana chutney, jack fruit , soya bean urundai etc.

Everything was spot on , healthy and also absolutely tasty food. I cannot pick any like the best because I would end up picking almost everything.

The serene views are another bliss, the restaurant site is built on the highest point in the entire area of the resort. You have some excellent views all around.

We left to Madurai in the evening but our heart and soul were still there for a while. It was an amazing experience all together. Lets move ahead in the trip.

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