Madurai Part 2 – Royal Court and Puppy’s Bakery and Amma mess

After a good first day it was time to get into a little more. The next day we moved to Royal court, we also covered a little street food which I’d share in the next part dedicated to street food. Royal court is again a famous hotel in the city , its exactly opposite to the railway station as well.


We checked in post breakfast with the Foodies day out tour, as soon as we got it it had a well elevated lobby , a bouquet centerpiece and their restaurant Crystal which is know for its Biryani.

We had the formalities and IDs checked , collected the keys and straight to the rooms. We had a  twin room , clean and neatly done by our housekeeper Mr. Leela krishna. The room provided amenities including your set for a hot beverage, the hotel has a gym , you have a Television (not all channels active). The beds were comfortable , slightly higher than the regular.

We set up everything , relaxed for a while, freshened up and then we moved downstairs for lunch. The lunch I’d say wasn’t an amazing one , its a buffet what they have for lunch and dinner, we had two soups , a tomato one and a shorba ( probably a bone soup). The tomato one had rawness from the tomatoes, the shorba was less on salt and lower on flavour.

We went ahead and requested something special, they had grilled chicken on the buffet so we got a whole chicken which was topped with a oriental style onion masala base. This was good for me, the onion and sauces added a little sweetness which worked for my palate. The salad was again decent , would have liked the carrots to be blanced and the salad to be dressed in a dressing.

Then came their special , mutton biryani. It lived up to what it was about. Not our Hyderabadi version , completely different. It had a low spiced rice , loaded with ghee. The mutton was tender , not much of masala, it was a perfect meal for the day.

We ended it with some fresh cut watermelon and a pastry which was on offer on the buffet.

An evening nap and the next stop was the best bakery in town, wasn’t expecting such a big store and the products they had to offer. The entrance itself is welcoming and this a part of the bell jumbo hotel.

We walked by , clicked pictures and selected a few desserts from the display. We picked a fresh fruit tart , a barry callebaut mousse cake , a red velvet jar and a dessert in a mud pot (don’t remember the name).

The fresh fruit tart was a real good one , a good tart shell , topped with whipped cream and fruits. The mousse cake on the other had was a decent one, would have liked a higher proportion of the mousse. The one in the mud pot was the best, it was fresh , smooth whipped cream and chocolate sponge.

They also had wood fire pizzas and calzones which were a big surprise. We ordered a Classic American pizza , it was loaded with chicken , olives , mushroom and good quality mozzarella. This was a really good pizza , just how I would have liked my pizza, a good amount of sauce , would have loved if it was a a little precooked. The calzone was good as well.

Then came in their desserts and shakes. These were some extremely good ones. The nutella bubble waffle was a good one , slightly over baked but their in house made ice cream covered for it all. The shakes as well were thick and creamy. The ice cream store next store is another surprising one, all the icecreams are made in house, personally loved the redvelvet ,belgian chocolate and jackfruit.

This was a satisfying evening over great food and friends.

Dinner scenes were at Amma mess. Heard a lot about the place but it sadly didn’t live up, dissapointed as in it was just like any other places we’ve been to. A few dishes were extremely good like the Muyal curry and the crab omelette. The food in the city is high on heat kick from the extensive use of pepper. They have some local drinks like paneer (rose) and nannari sodas (flavoured)

That was an end to another day filled with food , friends and fun.

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