Marriott South Asia Chefs Workshop – Westin Hyderabad

There is quite a lot that we actually miss while going through the regular routine. How often do we actually look into like how the food is made in the kitchen , also as chefs we pick up produce from the stores department in the Hotel.

This event allowed us a restaurateurs and chefs to know about a specific style of produce also including a lot of fun. Around 40 Executive chefs from Hotels were here to take part in the workshop.Β  Westin , Hyderabad along with Simply Fresh took it away in the best possible way.


Lets check it out.

We reached The Westin at 6:30 in the morning , meet and greets followed by a lavish breakfast. To start it of let me tell you this is one of the best Breakfast setups in Hyderabad. They’ve got a wide spread and I shall be back again for their breakfast.

As usual I started it from the Breakfast breads, picked up a Pain au Chocolat and this is a must try, don’t miss it. The danishes , croissants and the breads looked really good as well.

They have salad counters to make your own , also a specific section for non vegetarian add-ons if in case you need any. Also cut fruit plays a prominant role for breakfast.

Moving on I picked up some amazing chicken sausages, sauteed mushroom and sweet corn and poha. Not a heavy breakfast because we had to travel for 90 minutes.

The eggs counter needs a special mention , from omelettes to poached eggs, boiled eggs to eggs benedict they had it covered.


Then we got into the bus and after a travel time of 90 mins we reached the location. As soon as we got in we could see green houses in front of us.

We reached to the designated area and were welcomed with this beautiful looking mimosa.

All this followed by a small brief on Simply Fresh.

So what exactly happens at Simply Fresh?

The main idea behind this was to offer chemical free like pesticide free , growth enhancers free produce all around the year yielding 5 times more than the regular way. As of now they have 14 acres of land and are soon expanding it to 140 acres. As of now they grow about 15 varieties of lettuce, 15 varieties of herbs , tomatoes , bell peppers, blueberries, edible flowers , micro greens and a few others.

The basic concept is to educate people and give them the confidence and promote clean eating. You can just pick them up from the plant and eat without washing , thats how clean and chemical free they are.

Once we had such fresh produce and all the chefs there , it was time for some cook off. We were divided in about 7 teams with 6 to 7 members in a group including 3- 4 chefs , 2 students and 1-2 bloggers. You can’t use gas ranges, no cooking although you could grill or use a salamander. This was our team for the day.


We came up with these, Tomato and bocconcini canapes, citrus glass noodle salad and a crunchy mordern Asian salad.

Mr.Toine Hoeksel ( Senior Culinary Director APAC, Marriott International) and Chef Himanshu Taneja (Culinary Director – India , Marriott International) gave their valuable inputs on what could be better and then followed by lunch.

We had Jamesons ambassador , Cillian Mulligan take over the bar counter and sending out some really amazing and innovative drinks.


The lunch setup had a barbeque counter with a wide variety of marinated meats, it included tiger prawns, lamb chops , fish , chicken breast and a few others.

The lamb chops were good with the hint of rosemary , chicken breast was simple , well seasoned and cooked well. So with the prawns.


I haven’t had much and moved to the desserts. Ah , these were some really good ones, the chocolate one with honey comb , the mango cheesecake and the others were really good.

All this with some live music being played was a really good afternoon.


It was time to leave and before that a mandatory picture of the Chefs was a must because they deserve it all.


We reached Westin At 3:15 and straight to the ball room for the final brief. It was a really good experience to take a look at the new technology being used in Hyderabad.

Thank you for this as well. It was great pleasure being there.


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