The Hole in the Wall Cafe – new menu launch

There’s something about cafes like these. Its not just the food but a sense of relaxation and a leisure time spent. Hole in the wall cafe has been amongst the top few best cafes in Hyderabad. After a successful run in Bengaluru , its been quite a while they are in Hyderabad.

It was time to introduce some new dishes to go along with the all time favourites

Lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #letsexplorehyderabad



Its a wonderful place divided in a lot of sections. It has 3 sections on indoor and one outdoor. The outdoors are perfect for evenings.

On the inside , best to beat the heat. They have a book shelf and few games to kill some time while you are waiting for the food. Also a wonderful art wall.

Food and Beverages:

We started it with a desi breakfast. It was a loaded plate just like we love. It had paneer bhurji (scrambled cottage cheese) , sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomato , herbed mash potato , toasted bread and baked beans. The mashed potato could have been richer and moist. Loved the mushrooms.


The Full Monty breakfast was another amazing one. It had pancakes , sunny side up and sausages. The pancakes were really good and so were the sausages.


I’m not sure if this was the Frenchie breakfast but it had sausages , Scrambled egg (not quite sure if it was) and French toast. This did not make it there. Scrambled eggs have to be creamy , but the french toast manged it out but had herbs on it which don’t really go with french toast.


Raspberry coca cola float was good , the cookie monster was decent as well. These days its about Freakshakes as well, a few of those on the menu might do well.


Veggie Breakfast tacos were really good again. The filling was good , all this was put on two tacos. The filling is a bit on the higher side so adding a extra taco would work well.


Then came in the Chilly Paneer burger, After an amazing start this was a let down. Firstly the buns weren’t what you look for at a cafe. The rustic charred buns work brilliant in this case. The panner was just plain tossed in the sauce. Didn’t taste it though.


Same with the dirty burger, haven’t tasted but looked amazing. The bun if it wasn’t the local bakery one it would have been an amazing one.


The nest chicken burger was a disappointment in terms of taste. The meat had a lot of tendons which aren’t satisfying.


The Veggie salsa dog was a surprise. It had a vegetarian sausage which actually tasted good. It had a good drizzle of sauces , loaded with veggies.


The summer Spaghetti looked good , but needed flavour and a little moisture. Plain , not so heavy to the palate.


The end was a fabulous one. The waffles with nutella were a show stopper. The waffles were super fluffy and were total bliss.


Service , Pricing and Location:

The service is quick and prompt , no complaints.

The pricing is affordable for the location , can’t get better.

Address: 8-2-293/82/A/1355/F Road 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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