Chubby Cho (New Menu) – A Pan Asian affair

There is a growing popularity for Pan Asian food, there have been a few places that did really good but over time somehow lost the charm. Now if you look around you hardly have much when it comes to Pan Asian food (not Indo Chinese).

Chubby Cho has made it to the list of the best pan asian restaurants in the city as soon as they entered the market. With some interesting dishes which weren’t available anywhere else, they’ve created a buzz for quite some time.
It was time to add a few more dishes along with their all time top sellers.


Once you get in , you know its a one of a kind place. Most importantly the old fashioned red interiors have no role to play here. Its a mix and match of colours , well laid tables and live kitchen.

The bar counter plays a good part to add to the ambience.  You have a few bar stools as well.


Food and Beverages:

As soon as we settled down we were greeted with a cup of Jasmine tea. Mild aroma of jasmine and a mild brew.



The first one to start was Som Tom salad, a raw papaya based salad with a burst of flavours from the marinade, sweet , spicy and slightly sour all at once, topped with some toasted peanuts for crunch. One of the best Som tom I have had.


Their old classic Larb Gai , it had minced chicken with a slightly tangy dressing but this time around it didn’t reach the expected level. This definitely wasn’t for my palate.




The crispy chilly tofu was a pretty good one to start. Small to medium sized cubes , deep fried and tossed in a chilly garlic and soy based sauce. It still had that crispy outer and also the sauce as a coating.


Assorted Sriracha mushroom might have had assorted mushrooms in it but I just had the button ones. A decent one with a sriracha based sauce coated and stir fried or tossed. Taste wise it had a prominent chilly kick to it as the name suggests.

Water chestnuts and corn on a lettuce bed were extremely good, its almost like a salad. Water chestnuts (canned) , green peas and sweet corn were par boiled and tossed with a salty sauce mix, preferably soy.


Non Vegetarian:

Tangra chilly prawns and mustard fish both were extremely good. The prawns were butterflied , batter fried and tossed with dry mix with lots of garlic. The fish was batter fried and tossed in a mustard based sauce. The flavours were on point and needed no changes.


Chicken wings and the Hot basil chicken were equally good. Minute changes for the basil chicken, if hot was meant to be spice, it needed more of it and also had a tad too much salt in it that day. Otherwise these were some basic and amazing ones.



They always had some good sushi on the menu. Now, they have chosen a even better quality of sticky rice, kokuho premium according to the chef.

Prawn tempura uramaki has to be my top pick from the 3 variants we had. A good crunch , soft rice with apt sweetness and vinegar.


Apart from this we had a fresh seaweed uramaki and one with crabstick, not sure of the name. Haven’t tried the fresh seaweed one but got to know it has a very mild taste to it.


To go along the appetizers we had a few beverages as well. Don’t remember the names.

Ramens and Bao :

This was the only place which actually got going when it comes to ramen, they’ve done well with it but the other day they weren’t upto the mark.

We had Spicy korean Shin chicken , Curried udon veg and mild korean ramen. The spicy korean one was the one i’d choose if I had to choose one. It has a thin spicy broth and some good quality of noodles topped with sliced chicken breast.

The curried udon had fresh udon noodles which were very thick than the usual, they come in fresh, not dried but the curry base was disappointing.

Baos had a very good filling but again here the outer layer was very doughly and you could taste the flour. The recipe has a few issues either with the fermentation or the mixing.


Coriander chicken and Veg crystal dumplings were two opposites in terms of the outer layers . The coriander chicken looked good and tasted good but the crystal one had a slimy texture. It was all cornflour, glutinous , jelly like stikiness to the outer layer, however the filling was good.


We had Water chestnut rubies,all time classic and favouites. The taste was on point , this time the water chestnuts had the sago coating which was missed the last time. Sweetened coconut milk with water chestnuts and litchi.


The great wall of chocolate cannoli had cannolis with chocolate ganache and whipped cream, these were stacked and drizzled with chocolate syrup and came with a scoop of ice cream.


Naughty coconut was also a very good one to end. It was creamy , smooth with the hint of coconut in it. The only change would be the garnish, fresh coconut ( temple ones) would go much better than the dried ones.


Ended our meal on a very good note.

Service, Pricing and Location:

Even though the restaurant was fully packed the service team was really quick, much better than other places in terms of speed and efficiency.

Pricing , I would say its slightly expensive for a few but also a few high priced dishes are worth it or reasonably priced , because of the expensive ingredients and the quality. Both fresh and dried produce.

Address: Plot 1335/A, 3rd floor, Road 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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