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In the past 3 years the food scene in Hyderabad has evolved so much that every two or 3 days there is a new restaurant that opens. Its not just the number but also a wide range of cuisines being brought in.

Rayalaseema cuisine known for its robust flavours and spice levels gained immense popularity. A lot of places came up with the local food but eventually all of them got commercialized. Its more like a multi cuisine restaurant just with higher spice levels.

Marriott Hyderabad has come up to showcase the actual cuisine and its an experience all together. Its got no restaurant style touches to it. The food is made by 3 home cooks , sous chef wife and two of her childhood friends who are native to rayalaseema.

This had to be the best Rayalaseema food I’ve ever had. Such experiences don’t come quite often. If you have a chance , I’d definitely recommend a meal here.

Lets check out what they have to offer. #hyderabadfoodexplorer


We had the tables setup , it was a sit down meal without the use of cutlery. The local produce and major common ingredients used were put up.

To start it , we were offed the majjiga ( butter milk) and the local snacks.  The majjiga was thin , refreshing with the ginger and the tadka.

We settled down , we had accompaniments on the table. The ones placed are regulars in rayalaseema. They love their local produce.


Vegetarian Appetizers:

We had Alasanda Vadalu , these were deep fried patties made with black eyed beans , green chilly, household spices. They went really well with the accompaniments on the table.

Potlakaya ulli karam was something I tried for the first time. Roundels of snake gourd filled with mashed raw banana , peanuts , cashew nuts etc.


Non vegetarian appetizers:

We had kheema balls which were lamb mince patties with onion , ginger , green chilly , spices etc. It was simple , nothing fancy and that was the beauty of the dish,

This Pachi karam kodi vepudu was definitely one of the best or the best kodi vepudu I have ever tried. The fennel seeds (powdered) were giving it a mild sweetness before you get to the black pepper. Extremely well cooked.

Pandu Mirapakaya kodi again has to be one of the best fish dishes I have had. Marinated with fresh red chillies , giving it a slight spice kick . The fish was seasoned and cooked to perfection.


Then came in another star. Ragi sangati with naatu kodi kura and endu royyalu. Not fan of dried prawns ( never tried it before) but the naatu kodi kura was a show stopper. The spice levels were being accepted by the palate but it was heat from the inside. This was pure soul food.


Main course:

I had a non vegetarian one. It had Veta mamsam , a lamb preparation with the extensive use of the fresh ground spices. Allam kodi masala , chicken cooked in a tomato and ginger based gravy. Vankaya battani kura was another favourite , even though its a vegetarian dish, I loved it.

We also has gongura pappu , the sourness from the gongura leaves. Popular from Andhra pradesh. Perugu pachadi, a thicker version of the raita.

Kandi dosa, dosa made with toor dal and whole wheat flour and Jowar roti were the breads served. Also the very famous ulava charu biryani , the vegetarian version was a part of the meal. Ulavalu are horse gram.


Vegetarian :



The regional specials, Arisalu , extremely popular and loved ones even here in Hyderabad. Small to medium sized discs made with rice flour, stuffed with jaggery and topped with sesame.

Seviya Payasam , we call it semiya here was a thick kheer  made of vermicelli. Perfect amount of sweetness, loaded with dried fruit.

Bokshalu was similar to the Puran poli of Maharashtra in terns of taste but this was thicker. Topped with generous spoonfuls of ghee and you are good to dig in.


Again, if you have a chance , do visit. Some amazing food , much different from the restaurant style of food. Soul food and you are completely satisfied after the meal.

Pricing , Service and Location:

The fest goes on till 24th March. The prices are 1500 ++ for vegetarian and !850 ++ for non vegetarian.

As usual , spot on with the service. No complaints.

Address: Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Opposite Hussain Sagar Lake, Tank Bund Road, Near, Necklace Road, Hyderabad

People behind this amazing food experience. They have some true magic. Its the home cooks touch that you’d never get any where else.


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