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The night life scene in Hyderabad gets better day by day. With the increase in number of people there is also the need to have newer and larger places to serve. To enhance the partying experience, Absorb is a new entrant.

The music and vibe its got is just incredible. You just get into a flow with everyone inside. The tracks played are something each and everyone of us enjoyed. The atmosphere is something that keeps you wanting for more.

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The place has no fancy sections , its all set up in a huge area. They have a few sofas and also the regular high chairs. Its open to air but has protection again rain.

The bar counter , the logo and the huge figurine are the major attractions and worked really well. The roof over the tables are set high and that actually makes the place look much bigger.

Food and Beverages:



Pahadi paneer tikka was good , perfectly seasoned marination , soft cottage cheese but nothing different from the regulars. Simple and good.


The honey chilly water chestnut also was good, loved the fact that they cut the chestnuts thick. That actually gave it the water chestnut crunch otherwise its just like chips at other places. The coating of the sauce could have been better.


Makhmali broccoli was a let down , the marination wasn’t really working. It had no real taste from the marination , adding to the broccoli which is naturally bland. Can improve with the spices even though its meant to be rich and not over powering.


Bharwan khumbh was good, again good to see them use small sized button mushrooms. The marination was good , it had a grainy addition to it which added texture and a slight crunch as well.


Non Vegetarian:

Mongolian chicken has to be my favorite , nothing fancy again. Simple , basic food done right.  A thin coating , batter fried chicken ,tossed in a soy based sauce with vegetables.


Zaffrani fish tikka lived up to its name, good aroma from the saffron but at the same time was high on salt completely affecting a delicate dish.


Tangy prawns , another pick for the day. Prawns of good count batter fried and tossed in a tangy sauce.


Star anise chicken tikka felt pretty normal. Nothing much to talk about.


Overall I’d say they have good basic appetizers but there definitely is the need to have some in house specials. Every place has some new innovative dishes which do account for a few frequent walk ins who end up visiting  just for that.


All the mocktails were good and refreshing. The bartender did his job pretty well. A few garnishes stood out , a few can be looked into. Taste wise 4 out of the 5 mocktails were good. The cucumber one I’m confused. It tasted weird because of the masala but at the same time its still on my palate in a positive way.


Main Course:


The thai green curry to start off was a absolute star. The creamy goodness from the coconut milk, green curry paste and the vegetables went really good along with the rice.


Vegetable bubble pulao sounded interesting and new but ended up being Pulao and manchuria. Tasted decent , but I’d skip it.


Fettuccine primevera and penne with smoked cherry tomato looked good but i haven’t tried the. Somehow couldn’t taste both of them.

Quattro Stagioni pizza had 4 different toppings. Good amount of toppings and cheese, thin crust base , just needed a bit more of the tomato sauce on the base. Much more than a bit. It wasn’t evident at all. But overall it was a good pizza.


Sung tung fried rice was a really good one. Rice with fried onion was good on its own. When paired with a Main course ( gravy) it would have been a killer.


Non vegetarian:

Quattro carne pizza was much better when com pared to the vegetarian one. It had 4 different meats , well seasoned and neatly done. No complaints.



Baked Gulab jamun was overly sweet , the condensed milk on the side was over powering, these days people prefer options with lower sugar levels.


The cheesecake again had gulab jamun , but the problem here was it was more like  mousse than a cheesecake. Whipped cream all over , dominating the subtle tones of the cream cheese.


The Darsan with ice cream was real good. Crispy and sticky , that is how it has to be. Topped with some ice cream , nothing could beat it that moment.


Pricing , Service and Location:

The pricing is apt for the location. The ambience and setup makes it up.

Service was quick and prompt. A smooth operation right from the beginning till the end.

Address: Road 59, Beside Sirisha Reddy Boutique, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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