The hillcart tales – Perfecting every cup of tea and tisanes

With an evolving trend to the change and also go along with the classics for ages the art of brewing a perfect cup of tea has become simplified.

But this situation also has its cons where you aren’t sure of what is inside the bags. A good cup of tea needs the perfect ingredients of prime quality.

The hillcart tales is a brand or a sub brand of the A. Tosh and sons , West Bengal who are in the field for 121 years, they were more in bulk tea supplies but they felt the niche to fill up the artisanal tea supplies to a individual customer had to be filled.

Lets check more about their new sector. Lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #letsexplorehyderabad


The Hillcart tales has been Associated with some top luxury brands like Marriott , Hyatt , Trident, Westin for the past one year and is expected to add Radisson to the list.

They believe in quality and make sure they pick up the tender top leaves of the plant. The finest teas are sourced from all across the globe.

How is it different from the others?

The bag which has the tea and components inside is made out of muslin cloth. This is completely bio degradable. The others use nylon and other material which isn’t eco friendly and has a few affects on health.

The packaging box is another added point, it’s giftable as it is and each bag is encased in a jacket which has a quote on the inside and can be used to discard the bag after its brewed.


They have 32 variants and a few are Green tea , Black tea , Orthodox long leaf etc. All the teas have no processed sugar. They use stevia in a few. Their tisanes are amazing.

A few of them are:

Honey limon green tea, So basically it doesn’t have lemon zest , honey or lemon in the bag , the lemon and honey is put in through a cold infusion process. Its all natural flavour though.


The spice Carnival version is like a masala chai without milk and sugar. It has the aromatic notes from the spices like cardamom , cloves etc which are coarsely ground.


The apple strudel was a lovely one. Its a tisane. It again has the flavour from the cold infusion process and this comes from Germany.


Their Strawberry lime is the first one of a kind in India to launch something which can be used for both hot and cold brews.


The Darjeeling Muscatel tea is sourced from the finest estates of Darjeeling. The quality comes first. One sip and you know its of a fine produce.


The Chamomile has gained immense popularity in the recent past. They use 100% chamomile in the tea bags. It has a lovely fine floral tone to it.

Emerald green comes from Assam and is said to be a simple and a popular one.


I’m yet to try their mango dolce , caramel , tiramisu and blood orange. Looking forward to these.

Where can you buy them?

They are available on their website ,  amazon and foodhall.

They are available at Ratnadeep , qmart in Hyderabad.

The best part is that they will not burn your pocket.

Whom to contact in Hyderabad?

Mr. Raja Ramesh Kompally manages The Hillcart tales in Hyderabad. Be it bulk , tie ups or if you are looking to sell these teas at your cafe or restaurant you may reach him on 9959244433.

Any queries Raja Ramesh will help you with it. Just drop him a message or give him a call.




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