Enchante Cafe – the ambience takes over everything

Yet another cafe setup moving along with the trend . This though isn’t just a regular place with limited space and choices like the other. Its tucked in the by lanes in Film Nagar.

Lets get straight to the point and lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #letsexplorehyderabad , hyderabadfoodblogger



Its a residential home converted into a cafe. Its like most of the places where a home is revamped and made into a cafe.


They have about 12 tables on the outdoors split into 2 sections, garden and front of the house. The outdoor has a really good vibe and perfect for evenings.

The indoors have a dessert counter , the cafe section where all the beverages are made. The seating again is split. Top floor has a different approach and decors when compared to the bottom.

Food and Beverages:


The Baja fish salad also was okayish. The vinaigrette was bland , the fish was cooked and pan seared well but again lacked seasoning . But can be a really good one if its got the perfect seasoning.


Spicy mozzarella sticks for me was a good one. Deer fried goodness along with the morney sauce was yum. A additional in house made tomato sauce on the side would work really well.


Spinach and cheese bonbon again was a good one. Its more like a stuffed hara bhara kebab with mozzarella cheese. The chutney along with it was really good.


Broccoli and mushroom quesadilla had a really good filling. The tortillas though were made of refined flour (not advisable) , made it tough and chewy. The raspberry sauce was something completely uncalled for and doesn’t even go well with the main dish.


The sriracha chicken Mac and cheese bites were really good. These are finger food which you  cant stop with one. The mac and cheese with chicken are stuffed inside wafer shells.


Don’t remember the name of the fish burger but that was a really good one.



All the beverages were really good. Many places don’t get them right like the consistency and mixing when it comes to the syrups. The strawberry and mint slush is my recommendation.


The frappes were really good, so was the hot chocolate although I wish it had more of Chocolate.

Main Course:

The Vegetable Primavera pizza was really good even better when compared to the barbeque chicken pizza one. The barbeque sauce was overly sweet and completely over powered the tomato sauce on the base.

Haven’t tried much of the mains because all of them had the same basic sauce. It was all the basic tomato creamy gravy. They just added some peanut butter, and additionals and changed the name. The rassa is a Maharashtrian main course but the one we were served was no where close to it. It was more like a north Indian curry.

The roast chicken was a real surprise. It was extremely well balanced in terms of seasoning and flavours. The meat was tender , eventually it dries out at many places. The mash and vegetables on the side were really good as well.



I would not talk about them. Its all messed up at the moment. A basic whipped cream base mixed with crushes are put up as a dessert isn’t what I look for at a cafe.

The desserts were not at the their prime. Its a new place and I hope they get every thing set right.  They do have some really good ones to showcase which I have not tried.

Service , Pricing and Location:

The service was good , but can have someone take the lead to up sell a few dishes.

The prices are decent for the place and ambience. The regular coffees are very reasonably priced.

Address: Plot 402, Road 81, Film Nagar, Hyderabad

The food can definitely be better, this wasn’t at its prime, its got the capability.

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