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Yet another Brewery in town. Broadway is one of the trendiest place in Hyderabad. Micro Breweries have become quite popular and the demand has created a niche to be filled up.

The task has been taken over pretty quick and Hyderabad now houses a lot of micro breweries. Its not just one or two that have opened , also saying each and every place has their own distinct touch on the brews. Broadway is a latest entry.

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This place is huge, its massive when compared to the rest. The places is lit by the natural daylight for lunches and is a complete beast in the night. They have a floor wise seating, open top , theater etc. Every seating location has a different ambience. Every time you walk in and sit its some other place all together.

The bar counter is 56 ft long and a few say its the longest in Hyderabad and Telangana. Haven’t confirmed it though. It has a capacity of about 250 or even more when its all filled.

Food and Beverages:



The first one to come was the Strawberry fields Salad. This was a great start to the meal, freshness from the lettuce, fruity strawberries , crunch from the nuts, creamy feta and balanced with oranges and the dressing.


The spinach and cheese fatayer were also very good. Similar to a samosa. Thin pastry filled with spinach and cheese served with some mint sauce and spicy mayo.


Cheese cigars need no introduction. Served with a spicy tomato sauce. Simple and clean presentation.


Khumbi galauti was a let down in terms of the texture . Expected it to be smooth but was grainy. Top presentation though.


Onion rings were crisp on the outside. Thick layer of batter ruined it. Uncooked layer in between onion and the batter.


Non Vegetarian:

The lemon thyme chicken salad lived up to its name. A good punch of lemon in the salad , with the shredded chicken and greens.


Naan pe tang is a tactical and impressive approach. A leg of chicken cooked in a tandoor served on a Naan. The marination was good, well cooked chicken.


Mangalorean maamsam Ghee roast was good loaded with spice, well cooked meat. Can improve with the presentation.


Turkish kebabs were chicken on skewers. Well marinated skewed with vegetables, mild and served with a side of salad and mayo.


King prawns were a let down, a few overcooked, not so good marination.



We had Mint mad , Mango colada, Broadway refresher and a few others. The Mongo colada and a black currant (or blueberry don’t remember) are cream based ones with crushes added.

I liked the Broadway refresher. It was fruity, pink from the berries , orangish from mango and orange base with basil leaves and cucumber. We ordered it for the second time and it was way too sweet. Would suggest to have sugar syrup measured as well for consistency.


The alcoholic drinks and beers didn’t seem to impress others. I can’t judge them because i haven’t tried them.

Main Course:


Broadway paneer tikka pizza was a really good one. The pizzas here have a puff pastry base and that is unique. Flaky base pizza.


The Kadai Veg combo was another really good one. The curry was made really good, so was the dal. Came with raita , roti and rice.


Non Vegetarian:

The Broadway chicken pizza again has a flaky base , well marinated chunks of chicken. A good one.


We had Mutton rara and chicken Kolhapuri combo. The mutton one is my pick. This was really good . Loved the combo.



We had 4 desserts and to be frank none of them blew our mind in a good way.

The blueberry set cheesecake had more of whipped cream, the frozen berry puree was directly put. It was sour and pungent.


The Gooey Chocolate cake was yet another let down. It wasn’t gooey. The flour was uncooked, rawness of it wasn’t eliminated.

Creme brulee was creamy but also was bitter. The brulee was over baked as well.


The last one was the panacotta. Looked extremely good and simple presentation, still wasn’t upto the mark.


Pricing, Service and Location:

The pricing is good for the ambience. Around 350 for non veg appetizers and 250 for the vegetarian ones.

Service was quick and efficient. No complaints.

I’d love to see the desserts improved. Shall be back soon.

Address: Plot 1017, Road 46/A, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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