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Glocal Junction is know for its fearless take on Indian cuisine. Its not any ordinary , you can actually call it a Modern Indian cuisine or Progressive Indian cuisine. They just play around with flavours and come up with something new and never heard of.

Now, they are back to where they were. India Bistro Jubilee hills is now Glocal Junction. This time around they have their all time classics as well as newbies on the menu.
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Unlike earlier they have two separate sections now. A full fledged dine in on the ground floor and a partying space with the dance floor on the 1st floor.

The decors are all class. The seating is spacious , open and they have options here as well. They have open seating , cabana style and a few sofas. The bar counter is accessible as well, a clean and simple setup.

The top floor has a seperate bar counter, a decent sized dance floor and random tables for snacking.


As mentioned, the food isn’t ordinary. They have a few fancy dishes. Do check them out.



The first dish to come in was the Teen Bean salad. This was a refreshing start , it had sprouts , moong and other vegetables as well. All this was dressed in a pineapple vinaigrette.


The roasted roots on the other hand was a decent one but nothing like a wow factor. The vegetables were balanced but they had no real taste from the dressing . The hummus on the side was good though.


Then came in the cornettos . Mini cones stuffed with mushrooms and hummus. These were something I’ve had never before. They came with sides of lemon , coriander and flat roasted chana.


The best of the Vegetarian appetizers was the Methi Malai Naanza. Its a flat bread topped with super soft cottage cheese , methi and mozzarella cheese. A must try.


Paneer sugar cane sticks were a let down. The sugarcane didn’t really make a difference. Was expecting a touch of sweetness from the sugar cane but it wasn’t the case.


Non Vegetarian:

Chicken Adana was something like a seekh kebab served on a flat bread with some sauce on it. It came with sides of garlic aioli, roasted tomato, onion and potato wedges. The kebab was well cooked , mildly spiced and went really well along with the bread.


The Churrasco chicken gets its name from the long grill which is called as a Churrasco. (according to the chef) So chicken cooked on this is called Churrasco chicken. The marinade is all herbs and served in the similar way as the Chicken Adana.


The house spiced wings were really good. Messy food is tasty food. Perfectly spiced , a bit of sweetness to it. Served with a garlic crostini and corn on the cob.


The Coorgi Murgi Dry fry was okay. The waffle made with dosa batter did’nt live up. The chicken was decent , but overpowering with the coconut. It was intended that way but I felt the other spices were suppressed.



There were quite a number of drinks that were given. The mocktails were good, well presented and the drinks were well curated.

The Glocal cold coffee was the best one. Here is the picture.


Main Course:

Smoked butter paneer was the main course for vegetarians. It was well presented with the smoke. The butter paneer gravy was smooth and rich. It came with a side of chur chur naan.


The Chicken Khao suey was not a real good one this time. I felt it had a touch more of sweetness. It was good but not amazingly good. The sides of sprouts , fried onion and garlic made it better.



The star dessert was the masala chai panacotta. The chai was made with cooking cream and set in a mud cup. The biscuits on the sides went really well along with the panacotta.


The beeramisu was yet another never seen one. Its a dessert with alcohol. The sponge is soaked in beer and has beer foam on top. The head what you call in a beer.


Brownie waffle is from their regular menu. Its been there for a while now. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


It all ended with their in house made cheesecake pan and a alcohol infusion bottle. Thank you for these.


Service , Location and pricing:

The service is quick , prompt and super friendly. They are well trained about the operations.

Address: Ground Floor & First Floor, Niharika One, Road 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

The pricing is similar to the competitors. Around 249 to 299 for vegetarian appetizers and 349 to 399 for non vegetarian ones.

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