Christmas tree Lighting and Ginger bread – Marriott Hyderabad

Marriott Hyderabad needs no introduction, the name is enough to convey the class they’ve got.


You might have seen a lot of celebrations like Christmas tree lighting , Ginger bread show pieces, carols etc at a lot of hotels and restaurants. This was not a normal one like any other I have been.

What class and efforts put in. You literally would be blown away to see what was made there. The number of hours , people behind, departments , sleepless nights have indeed resulted in a fruitful event.

As soon as we got in the lobby, we could see a giant Christmas tree on the right and laid were the ginger bread art pieces in a systematic and skillful manner.


It all started with the kids decorating the ginger bread housed with some royal icing and toppers including marshmallows , cookies etc. Something fun and interactive.

What was it (the theme)?

It was Themed as Travel. It had a lot of small concepts in it all together put into one. They had detailed every aspect to show differences in scenarios. It had a zoo , a construction site , Airport , rural parts, castles , statues , housed , mountains , drive ins , fun fair etc. You name it and they have it on the board.

The star attraction though is the main castle and the Christmas tree on the back. They add that special touch and elevation to the display.

The carols:

Also would take a little time to mention the group singing the Christmas carols. The best till date. Their voice, the charm they’ve added cannot be justified here.


The Buzzer:

So all these above mentioned were without the lights and effects. There was a buzzer which would blow some poppers and lights up everything. The motions like a train moving on the track, movie playing on the drive in, a airplane moving , a cable car , such details were so neatly done.

So the Christmas tree and the castle were also lit up. You just cant speak for it. You have to visit them to believe it.

Snack time:

While all this was happening we had Hot chocolate moving around. We couldn’t just stop by looking at that , we just grabbed one. It was beautiful , keeping the theme in mind it had a ginger bread house , a marshmallow skewer and a spoon. Looked beautiful.


Then we had a few munches on the setup. It has some interesting things. They had mini tacos , tarts and some fancy puff pastry with nutella made into a tree.

We also had a barbeque setup along with some salads and desserts. The best part though was the bonfire. Perfect setup for the evening. That ambience setup called for a perfect evening with the perfect food.


We had king sized prawns , some chicken , paneer skewers , vegetables , fish etc for the barbeque station.

A live salad counter and also a flambeed fruit counter as a part of the dessert section.

How do we forget the plum cake on the occasion. It was dense , soft with some mild soaked fruits and nuts in it.


To wrap it up , this was one memorable event that I’m glad to be a part of it and witness some of the best Christmas setups.

They also have hampers. Just in case if you are looking to gift something this Christmas, you can check them out.


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