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Hyderabad gets a brand new cafe , the place serves about 80 to 90 varieties of teas along with some amazing vegetarian food. The food does live up and will certainly blow you away.

There’s a lot to check in it. So lets get started. #letsexplorehyderabad #hyderabadfoodexplorer .



This place has one of the finest decors I’ve ever come across. The interiors are so beautifully done that you’ll start loving the place right from the entrance. The Velvet finished furniture adds a rich look to it.

The top floor has some different style of seating. A few regular tables but the swing ones stand out. The decors again. A total 5/5 for the ambience.



The Cream of tomato to start with was a good one. Slightly sweet and tangy from the tomato was well matched with some creamy bechamel. Served with bread sticks.


The other one was a innovative one. It was a chilly garlic dim sum soup. The dim sums were good but was missing the chilly factor. The soup though was a good one.



Had a classic Waldorf salad after a long time. The walnuts were candied which added a wow factor. The apples, celery , walnut and the mayonnaise is a amazing one.


American corn and Pasta salad was another brilliant one all by its own. The slightly spicy mayo with the veggies , pasta and corn . Loved it.



Chilly garlic mushroom was a slight dissapointment personally. The flavours weren’t bold enough. The mushrooms released water as well.


Honey chilly crispy lotus stem was a good one. Slightly sweet and that crisp texture of the lotus stem was a addiction.


The Crispy garlic baby potato didn’t live up to its name. Was expecting it to be a bit spicy with the garlic punch. But this was sweet and nothing else.


Schezwan dimsum had a outer coating made of potato starch instead of refined flour. The filling had a crunch from onion, water chestnuts but would have been better if the schezwan sauce was used as a stuffing rather as a condiment.


I haven’t tried the paneer shawarma but the hummus wrap was good. It had hummus and fries rolled in. The best part was that the pita wasn’t dry.


The teas are the major aspect. Around 80 varieties brewed on order. From mellow flavoured to strong ones , regulars to flowering teas they have it all.


We had a lot of the shakes, most of them need improvement in terms of consistency and creaminess. Also they had sugar which wasn’t dissolved completely.

The nutella jar shake looked good and the tasted good as well but the shake again has to be thicker in consistency.


We had a long macchiato , it was a double shot espresso and foam.


Main Course:

The Penne pesto sauce with sun dried tomato was a big hit. Pasta was cooked well, perfect balance of the pesto and the bechmel, garnished with some parmesan , garlic bread and olive oil.


The pizza was a decent one. The crust here is a healthier version , they use a multi grain and whole wheat flour to make the base. A healthy add on. the sauce and toppings balance it out.


Haven’t tried the baked lasagne but looked good.


The cottage cheese sizzler in black pepper sauce was a good one. Not something fantastic but does the job. Good that it comes with a side of the pepper sauce.


The assorted veg in chilly basil sauce looked good but had a tad too much salt. Can easily be rectified. Also need work with the flavors. Everything mentioned chilly doesn’t really taste spicy at all.


The lemongrass and garlic noodles was the star of the day. The thin noodles tossed with vegetables, perfectly seasoned and that aromatic lemon grass was a bliss.


The waffles were fluffy and thick. A vegetarian version that can easily beat a few waffles with egg. The nutella and dark chocolate were in a good ratio as well.


The blueberry cheesecake though needs some work to be done. More like a mouse , its soft but not with the taste of cream cheese. Its a set cheesecake.


The sizzling brownie was a decent one. Not too good , not too bad. But still can work on these two desserts. ( A regular one instead of the sizzler might just work).


Service, Location and pricing:

The service is prompt, super friendly and quick. No complaints what so ever.

The pricing is apt for the location and the ambience they provide.

Address: 1249A, Road Number 92, MLA Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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