On the wok – a pan Asian food tour

The place has come up with a lot of market research behind its setup. The location is a really good one where you have a lot of restaurants to choose from and this is the only Pan Asian in the building.

It serves Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Tibetan , Korean and Japanese.



Its a small to medium sized place which has a capacity of approximately 40 pax.  A warm welcome as you just come in.

The decors include a wall with some bamboo baskets and some wooden art work on the other. The tables are well set to ensure a comfortable meal.

Food and Beverages:


We had two soups, Vietnamese noodle soup and the burnt garlic soup. Both had a different flavour profile. I felt the Vietnamese soup was on a slight sour side , while the other had a tone of the burnt garlic.



The Som Tam salad had a wonderful texture. That crunchy raw papaya was really good but it surely lacked the dressing. I could just make out the sugar in it.


The Korean glass noodle soup on the other hand was a bang on with the taste. Some good use of the soy. This was a good one.


I’d still recommend the Som tam with a good dressing.



It started with the basic Veg spring roll. The filling was good , rolled and fried until crisp. I wouldn’t say it amazed us but was a good one.


Then came in the Paneer kothey . So these are similar to momos but these are pan fried to give it the crisp bottom. The filling was good. I really liked the filling. Went well along with the pepper sauce.


The paneer satay had thick cut sticks marinated with a peanut based sauce and seared. haven’t tasted it though.


Non Vegetarian:

The first here was the chicken kothey. Similar to the vegetarian one , but has chicken instead of paneer. Haven’t tasted it though.


The kung pao was the best of the appetizers for me. It had a good sauce that coated the chicken and the cashew nuts added a slight crunch and richness.


The chicken satay on the other hand was on the drier side. The marination was good, seared well but the chicken went dry.


The asian style crab was a whole crab that was finished with a really good sauce. It does go messy but thats the fun part.



The sushi as well was a good one. We had tuna , salmon, prawn and crab. We had the prawn and crab uramaki and tuna and salmon nigiri if I’m not wrong.



There were honeydew bubble tea and mango bubble tea. I just tasted the honey dew one. It was good. Something which isn’t common.

We ended the meal with a berry infused tea. Subtle notes of the berries were just perfect to end the meal.

Main course:


We had a Thai yellow curry which was a big hit. The coconut cream with the aromats like lemon grass , galangal were evident. Really went good along with the sticky rice.


The OTW special rice though was a dissapointment. It was in between a regular and special. The colour was dark but the rice tasted bland. Couldn’t taste something different.


Non Vegetarian:

We also had the Thukpa but it was completely different from the rest. It was more like a soup with soya. Other places have the broth thin and flavourful. Not sure about it.


The Thai red chicken curry also was really good. That creamy curry along with the sticky rice was just desirable. The thai curries were the stars.


The Phad Thai was amazing. The flat noodles were coked perfectly and tossed. Most importantly it had a good amount of peanuts to add the crunch.



It all started with the date and coconut roll. They tasted good but could have been presented better.


The tope lychee is a sundae with a stuffed lychee that is candied is topped on some vanilla icecream. That caramel does stick to the teeth and that is how its supposed to be.


The fried ice cream was a good end. The coating wasn’t very thick which was apt. This was a good one.


Service , Pricing and Location:

The service was smooth. The staff were welcoming and prompt. No complaints with the service.

The pricing though is on the steeper side. It would be perfect if they can just lower them a bit.

Address: Upper Ground Floor, Phoenix Tower A, Hitech City, Hyderabad

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