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Amidst all the restaurants coming up there were many food trucks that came in. The scenario in Hyderabad for food trucks isn’t great because you never know what happens because there aren’t stable locations and particular rules being followed.

That is when Sofrehh has decided to park its vehicle at a fixed location that’s close to the road and also doesn’t face complications.



Sofrehh was started by a very enthusiastic owner who always had a zeal and passion to open something unique and also something to do with his moms recipes who is from Iran.

All the recipes come right from there with a lot of love and care towards their offerings.


The location is a converted parking lot to a small street like place with decors on the walls both the sides. A few terrariums hanging around as well.

Its got a really nice blue touch to the decor along with the wooden furniture that makes it a really good looking place.


The USP is their fresh breads. Fluffy and soft.


We had a Veg falafel ( chickpea and potato patties) where in the patties are fried fresh. These are sandwiched between a olive bread with mayonnaise , lettuce , tomato and home made pickles.


Non Vegetarian:

Murgh pukh was a great start. It had subtle flavours of the herbs in the chicken patty along with some potatoes. Again the bread was the star to go along with the meat.


Then came in the kubideh. This is a sandwich with minced lamb patties. It has a slight tang from the tomato sauce they’ve put. I loved this the most.


The murgh kubideh tokhme has a diffent filling all toghether. It has chicken hats mixed in eggs , made like and omelette, stuffed with cheese and sandwiched in the white and fluffy bread. Super soft and yum.


Similar to the kubideh was the Murgh Bozorgh where the lamb was swapped with chicken. Subtle flavours , no spice levels, just how they had to be.


The AOTA stands for all of the above. Its a special from sofrehh . Its got eggs , chicken , cheese and potato that are layered and the bread is cut from the top. Something different from the rest.



They have some coffee as well. Its called as Batsam which is a coffee from Dubai. They have 3 varients in it. Choose accordingly. I had the 3 in 1.


We ended the meal with their Bastani sonnati which is a icecream flavoured with saffron and rose water. I found it a bit on the sweeter side but the rose was very much evident and topped with pistacio.


Service, Pricing and Location:

Its a food truck. Place your order and they’ll get it served. No complaints with it.

Each sandwich is priced at 240 for 8 inches. Freshly made and filling.

Address: 789, Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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