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With a lot of restaurants making their way in the city of Hyderabad, there are very few coming up in the city of Secunderabad. With a lot of residential population it gives a good enough platform for Cafes , restaurants and others.

This place could certainly lay the platform for other places to get established. The place is just outstanding in each and every aspect.

Lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #letsexplorehyderabad


The place is not a huge one. It is a 80 seater restaurant that is good enough. The place has a stunning view on one side with some greenery on the opposite side of the road that is vibile from the window side seating.

it has good spacing and a walkway broad enough to guide you in. They also offer a small place like a cabin style for kitty parties to be organized.




Creme de funghi was a top one to start of. I personally love both cream based soups and mushrooms , this was made very well. Could have been a little smoother and thinner in consistency. never the less it was an amazing one.


Non Vegetarian:

We had a paya shorba. I’m not a paya person, still this was a decent one. Had the flavour of the lamb totters and spices giving it a characteristic taste.



The first one was the Veg Galauti. It was a smooth paste made with some vegetables, lentils and pulses. The kebabs were served on a small disc of naan. Smooth , slightly spicy and a good one.


Next to make its way was the Anjeer bhare hare kebab. Something unique and different from the regular hara bhara kebab. The anjeer gives it a slight sweetness and crunch with the seeds making it even better.


Non Vegetarian:

Pollo de olives is an Italian appetizer that we started with. Its a pitted olive wrapped in a thinly sliced chicken breast and then finished in a pan with some flavourful marinara sauce. Served with a side of lettuce it give it a little crunch and freshness.


The Indian appetizer was a star. The nawabi kebab was high on aromats, low on spice and cooked to perfection making it perfect.

A new entrant was the fish finger sticks that come with 3 dips. Cunchy on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside.



We had a rose lemonade. Something different from the regular , peach , green apple flavours. This was not overpowering with the rose syrup and neither with the sweetness. Went really well along with the appetizers.


Main Course:


The lasagne is something that most of the places are screwing it up big time. That wasn’t the case here. Gratinated in the same pan and presented it directly is the best part. Cooked well with really good ratios of pasta , sauce, veggies and the cheese.


We had 3 vegetarian pizzas and each completely different from each other.

The Quattro fromaggio pizza is translated as a 4 cheese pizza. The crust was super thin with a very flavourful tomato sauce topped with great quality cheese and baked to perfection.


Then came in pesto. A pesto is made with basil, olive oil , pine nuts , garlic , parmesan and salt. The veggies were loaded making it very colourful as well.


The nina is a pizza with sundried tomatoes, Jalapenos , red bell pepper and feta cheese on top.


We also had a Alfredo pasta with veggies in it. Cooked to Al Dente , finished with a creamy bechamel.


Non Vegetarian:

Pollo de steak with vegetables on side was another different one to us. Generally we assume its going to be a full breast seared, but here it was made with hand minced meat. This was cooked just right and you don’t have to chew it down. The sauce adds a slight richness to it as well.


Then came in the white beach pizza. The base sauce is a bechamel , topped with cheese and some shrimp. Something different , something better.


The last one was the Pollo de stuff with cheese and vegetables. They give you 3 choices as a filling. Spinach and mushroom and chicken bolognese being the other 2.



There is a slight scope of improvement in terms of presentation , which we were told is going to happen pretty soon.

The Phirni was creamy , balanced sweetness and topped with some almonds.


The sizzling brownie was good with the chocolate being poured and you can have some good pictures. Note: The brownie is slightly on the bitter side. So please confirm with the manager around.


Missed trying the kulfi. Looked great though.


Pricing , Service and Location:

For the quality and ambience what you get its a pretty reasonable pricing. You might feel they are a little steep but they are worth it. Definitely worth it.

The service is quick, prompt and efficient. There is a little scope of improvement though.

Address: 3rd Floor, AMG Plaza, Entrenchment Road, East Marredpally, Secunderabad

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