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Marriott is known for its food festivals that keep changing everytime. Every fest is something different and they make sure you experience something similar to the actual ones.

I being from Hyderabad search for street food like Delhi , Mumbai and Kolkata but fail to get even a bit of them here.


About Nh2 food fest:

This is a festival that covers most of the famous , native and a few unknown delicacies from the cities that are a part of the national Highway Number 2.

The cities and states covered are Delhi , Agra , Bihar , Mathura , Kolkata , Allahabad , Varanasi , Kanpur and Dhanbad.

Each city has got a specific place and stalls set with the menus featured. Most of them being live counters is another experience to be remembered.



All this is setup beautifully on the outdoors , on the poolside ofย  the restaurant Okra.

Every Famous stall or place is created similarly how they look like. They’ve got tea stalls, Karim’s , Paranthe wali gali, China town and a lot more.


A lot of efforts where put to get the best of the festival. The team from Marriott traveled by road for 10 continuous days to explore dishes across the above mentioned cities. Something we cannot imagine that went on behind the scenes.

Lets get started withe the food. Majors being Delhi and Kolkata. #letsexplorerhyderabad #hyderabadfoodexplorer


From Delhi:

The first thing to start was the Paranthe wali gali. They had a counter with different paranthas on offer. You could choose any , then served with some assortments.


Just beside that was the tea stall with some Nankhatais . Haven’t tried the chai but the Nankhatais were pretty good.


There also was Dajinder Dhaba which had some amazing chur chur naans , kebabs cooked in a tandoor and also fried. The kebabs were really good , so were the fried fish.


Then it was the famous Karim’s. They had butter chicken , mutton stew, Aloo Kheema and a few others along with some breads.

Also not to miss out on the Pindi chole. A counter dedicated to kulcha and chole is another thing that strikes right away when you talk about Delhi’s street food.


Somehow we managed to move out of Delhi.

Mathura , Agra and Bihar:

We had a lassi to cool it down. This was the best I’ve had in recent times. Thick and creamy , not overly sweetened and topped with Rabri, Almond slivers and cardamom.


Mathura had sweets to offer . Some amazing Pethas, Peda , Imarthis, Jalebis, Malpua etc.

Quite popular Chaats from Agra. A few were Dahi Bhalle , Papdi chaat, samosa Chaat , Shakarkandi ki chaat ( sweet potato). Some great snacking.


Something very unusual from Bihar. Never heard of it as well. They were mixing Murmura ( puffed rice) along with mutton curry and also a chicken version of the same. The mutton was slow cooked and tender that it just melts away.


Also the litti chokha. The litti with sattu was a slight dissapointment to me. they were slightly tough to chew. They had aloo ka Chokha , brinjal and tamatar ka chokha.

From the Bar:

They had some really unique and fancy presentation for the drinks. Very unusual but ;looked great. Haven’t tried any.

The desi was put in a bottle which was rum and jaggery , Hari mirch and banarasi paan were some unusual drinks. Also something interesting was cutting chai.

I haven’t tried any of the above though. Based on appearance and others feedback this was a big hit.


From Kolkata:

Like Delhi even kolkata had a lot to offer.

The Muri counter , pani puri and a lot more. This was something what you get back in Kolkata , the authentic local style.

Then it was China town. This is one integral part of the street food offered by Kolkata. They had a huge menu which includes Bao’s, Flavourful soups ( the flavour and aromats of the stock were brilliant).


The specials included chilli chicken , Steamed fish, Lemon chicken , Kung pao paneer, Vegetable manchurian , fried rice and a few others. The lemon chicken was disappointing though.


The famous rolls were also on offer . Tried the chiocken egg roll which was good along with the mustard.

A counter with Chap and Chop which had some fish fry , Mutton chap , peyazi and others. Haven’t tried any from the chap and chop section.


How did I find the festival?

This probably is one of the best I’ve ever been to. When it comes to finding a similar food scene from cities like delhi , Agra and all its an impossible task in Hyderabad.

A lot of exploring and efforts put into it for sure will have great returns in terms of Guest or customer satisfaction. These are the true colours of the food scenes that we aren’t aware of.

I’d rate the ambience a 5/5 , Food: 4.5/5 , Experince: a little over 5. ( 5 isn’t just enough)


Duration ,Location and Pricing:

The fest starts from 14th November and goes on till 1st December. Make sure you plan it out.

Address: Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Opposite Hussain Sagar Lake,Tank Bund Road, Near,ย Necklace Road, Hyderabad

The pricing for the buffet is 1800 ++ and for Sunday Brunch 2300++ with alcohol.

Its time to get onto the highway.


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