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So the place is named as Hyderabadi Daawat, is actually not just hyderabadi food. They have turned this up to a multi cuisne serving hyderabadi , mughlai , oriental and a bit of continental.

We though here were just to try the mughlai , a bit of hyderabadi and a little north Indian style of food.

Lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #letsexplorehyderabad



I would not say this as a really good one. Its got all flashy decors with really brigh lighting. It isn’t a calm light when put on. You expect this in hyderabad especially when its a local food place.

The decors are decent , bright. They’ve got a banquet on the top floor as well. Its also got a small partitioning from the buffet area.


Absolutely stunning food. I’d rate a 4.75 just for the food. Both the vegetarian and non vegetarian were really good.


It all started with a Yakhni shorba. Its a mutton stock based soup, high on flavour with a good amount of meat in it. Its also slightly thick to add a bit to your palate.




The Paneer achari tikka was a bright start to the vegetarians. The marination was beautiful, a slight pickle taste as the name suggests. Cooked to perfection with a hint of char on it.


The next was the Subz ki Shami. Had minimal expectations but turned out to be a great one. A good amount of chew nuts and a little spice made it much better.


The tandoori aloo was another amazing one. It was medium sized potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese and finished in a tandoor.


Non Vegetarian:

The murgh kalmi , every place has a different version making it difficult to know which is the actual version. This place had it on the bone , well marinated with some good flavours in it.


Tandoori jhinga was a slight let down. The mariantion was there but the prawns were almost near to burnt. It had all the flavour which wasn’t that appealing.

The mutton seekh was good one. Thinner than the usual size. It had some good raw ingredients working in a bright combination and the juices still intact.


The patrani machhi in terms of preparing wasn’t the right way, but the taste was spot on. generally steamed in a banana leaf, here they put it in cabbage and aluminium foil.



We did have a few mocktails but most of them need improvement. Apart from 2 or 3 the rest were just par or below. The cindrella , coconut and caramel mojito were the decent ones.

Main Course:

Well well , after a lot of appetizers we were almost done. But we did somehow managed to eat it all.


We had two vegetarian dishes. Dal akbari and the shahi paneer.

Haven’t tried the dal. The paneer was a creamy , rich gravy base with a good amount of cashew nut paste.

Non Vegetarian:

The Gosht masala was my favourite from the mains. The mutton was on the bone cooked well, not high on spice but high on flavour and richness of the fried onion paste.


The achari Murgh was a good one again. The touch of pickle in the gravy was something that came out and went well along withe chicken. Smaller chuncks would have been better.


The nargisi kota was also a goo one. Boiled eggs covered with minced meat , deep fried and tossed in a gravy. A good one.


All this went along with a assorted bread basket with naan, roti , paratha, kulcha etc.

The Specials:

Sikandari Raan is a whole leg of the lamb which is marinated and cooked in a tandoor. It came along with 3 pieces of shami and some fried onions.


The murgh musallam is a delicacy of the local cuisine. Whole chicken marinated and cooked and them placed on a bed of rice.


Chelo kebab again is a dish with seekh kebabs . chicken kebab , saffron flavoured rice, fried egg and a grilled tomato.



We had a fruit salad with custard and a gil e firdaus. Both were good.


Service, Pricing and location:

The service was a decent one. When compared to the food , the service could be better. To have that mutual connection the service staff needs to hit the right note.

The pricing for the location is apt. A good deal I’d say.

Address: Shah Business Centre opposite: Platina Mal, Gachibowli-Miyapur Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

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