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Currently, there are over 600 Franchised & Licensed outlets across over 70 countries worldwide.

Arthur Withers was the man behind the idea of Southern Fried Chicken. Born in 1935 in East End of London with humble beginnings, Arthur survived the Second World War.


During a trip to Greenville in Carolina, Arthur was having Sunday lunch at his hotel and was served fried chicken. He fell in love with it at the first bite and managed to get the recipe. Two days later, he took a riverboat cruise in southern states of America.

Why SFC over others?

  • Selected fresh foods and top quality ingredients and not frozen chicken
  • Quality Products
  • Top Quality Proprietary and reliable equipment
  • International standards
  • Renowned International Brand


I would not say its an amazing ambience but yes its a good one like other Q.S.R. restaurants. Its got a mix of white and red.

The kitchen has some really good hygiene practices being followed which is utmost priority. Its got some informative wall posters about the company as well.


Well here we’ll start with the non vegetarian one first.

Non Vegetarian:

We started it with the sides. The first was the chicken popcorn. This though had a crisp coat but lacked the seasoning. Also could have been more crispier.


Then it was the fried chicken and wings. Again fresh chicken , well coated and fried. Lacked seasoning , almost bland. Just get the seasoning right and its a decent one.

The best of the day was the Piri piri chicken. Cooked on a grill without oil. It has a good smoky char on it along with the balanced marinade and most importantly was juicy.


They have 5 variants in it. Lemon and herb , mango , mild , hot and extra hot if i’m not wrong. My pick would be the hot. A must try.


I haven’t tasted the burger though.



The vegetarian part was a bit like okayish. Found nothing great, especially the number of choice in Veg in India would not work. They’ve got to add a few more options.

We had some wedges , cheese shots and some veggie sticks. The veggie sticks were decent enough. The wedges though were really good.


The burgers were not upto the mark. It lacked in terms of flavour , nothing more than the mashed patty and some mayonnaise. Bland as well.


The rice bowl was yet another disappointment. Had way too much pepper and nothing apart from that.


I had a mojito which was just sprite and cut lemon in it with some mint leaves. It just tasted like sprite from the dispenser. Not even muddled to get the flavour from the lemon and mint.


Service , Location and Pricing:

Nothing  much about the service. Its just placing your order and picking it up.

Address: Shop 2A, Premier Building, Madhapur Main Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad

The Pricing is not so low. Slightly higher. But okayish for a few like the piri piri chicken.

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