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Moxa kitchen is the only restaurant of the Mango hotel viera in Film nagar, Hyderabad. Mango hotels are boutique hotels spread all across the country. They are currently operational in Ahmedabad , Bangalore , Bhubaneshwar , Goa , Jammu and a lot more.


The Company is coming up with two more hotels in 2 more locations that is hitech city and Gachibowli soon. They are budget hotels and their restaurant is no less when compared to the luxury hotel. Every aspect is well taken care of but just needs a little touch.

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This one is on the top floor with 2 sections. The outdoor is a very small one with just 3 tables but the indoors are just wow. Something you wouldn’t expect. The tables were laid just how you see a luxury property setup. No wonder the staff are well trained.

The tables are well arranged with some really good lighting . The buffet is setup beautifully on one side with the tables on the other. The decors are another part that is well taken care of.



Once we settled down the first one came it was the aperitif but unlike others this one was non alcoholic and was a desi one to get started. It was a rose lassi which had a good balance of sweetness and flavour from the rose to it. It had a good amount of cashew as well. A great start.


Salads and Soup:

The first salad was Garden green and apple salad, it was a basic salad with some good dressing and the green apple cutting through. Does exactly what a salad must do at the beginning of the meal.


Grilled Chicken Tikka with litchi salad was an amazing take on the salads. this was something very different. Some well marinated chicken tikkas cut in pieces and mixed with litchi and spices was a top dish. A must try if you love something new.


We had a tomato dhaniya shorba with namak para but I would say I was dissapointed with it. Not with the taste but I expected it to be a thin and spiced up and with a good kick of coriander but that wasn’t the case. It was like a continental version of tomato soup with a good hint of pepper.


Small plates / appetizers ( a part of):


Mezze platter is something that become quite popular here now. But frankly speaking they nailed the hummus. The garlic lebenah or the garlic yoghurt dip though was off and our. The pita and falafel were good as well.


Veg kurkure was the next to come in. They were Stuffed deep fried sticks that were presented along with a sweet chilly sauce in shot glasses. They looked good but the sweetness in the sauce just ruined it. It was way too sweet and nothing with the spice level. Something that can be looked into.


Tandoori broccoli can be presented in a better way. It had a good amount of cheese but still was a miss. It was just okay I’d say.


The Multani Paneer tikka was the star for the vegetarian appetizer. Perfectly marinated and also was stuffed with some nut paste. The flavours and textures were well balance. A must try.


The soya chaap was my first experience. Not sure if that is how its supposed to be , loved the marination and the filling to the core but the inside of the chaap was rubbery and spongy.


Non Vegetarian:

A much better one than the vegetarian ones.

The first one was the best one. The ghee roast chicken had a very unique presentation but tasted really good. A suggestion would be to use a better mayo because this was a store bought one which was sweet. The meat was tender and well marinated. A must try.


The lasooni tawa Jhinga was yet another good one. The size of the prawns were good , the marination was good, they were cooked to perfection as well.


The malabari tacos were decent, not as good as the rest. Small roundels of the malabar paratha was the base as the soft shell taco. It was filled with shredded lamb and capsicum made in a semi dry form.


The galauti kebabs were pretty good as well. They were stunning texture wise , slightly spicy which is unusual in a galauti. Loved the texture though.


Main course:


We had Dal Makhani , Qubani kofta and Paneer Lababdar for the vegetarian. The Qubani kofta was something new. The Koftas had bits of apricot in it and were finished in a rich gravy. The dal makhani was decent but can be improved. The lababdar was a good one as well but I would not have Tomato pieces in a rich gravy with some soft paneer.

We had assorted breads to go with them.


Non Vegetarian:

Again something that was a mater dish was the Pepper Irachi mutton. It is an Iranian dish with pilled mutton and some lentils in it. It was high on onions that were caramelized giving it a touch of sweetness.


The raan biryani was also a good one but don’t assume it would be a hyderabadi version. It was mild on spice and the meat was well cooked. You can give it a go as well.


We had a pepper beetroot raita as an accompaniment. It was a really good one. Creamy , thick with some chopped onion and beetroot in it.



Both the desserts were below par when compared to the mains.

Eagerly waited for the rasmalai but it was all in vain. The milk cake or dumpling was tough and the milk had to be thicker than it was. Also wasn’t apt on the sugar level.


The chocolate gulab jamun was better when compared. The chocolate flavour was suppressed with the sweetness. Need a bit more of chocolate.


Service, Pricing and Location:

This is the best service team i have ever come across in recent times. A big thank you to the entire service team for their prompt and courteous service. Something I can rate it a 5.5/5. It was that good.

The pricing as well is reasonable for the experience. The pricing is just normal to the places around but the experience is far better.

Address: Mango Suites Viera, 4th Floor, Plot 11A, Road No. 3, Above Heritage Fresh, Film Nagar, Near Apollo H, Hyderabad

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