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The place that nails Indian Cuisine in terms of taste , presentation and quality each and every times has come up with yet another festival. The recent kebab fest was a big hit and now this October they have come up with a clay pot fest. Fest is on until 31st of October.

Each and every dish on the clay pot fest menu is finished on a clay pot giving it the authentic touch and a slight earthy flavour to the dish.

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For the fest the ambience has not changed because it has the regular menu running as well. The same vibrant ambience is intact.

The red coloured benches and chairs , the wood finished tables and the bright lighting are some of the trademarks.

The bar counter is yet another attraction. Beautifully arranged bottles and neatly set bar top. The bartender showing a few skills of mixing is something really good.

Food and beverages:

The menu includes only main courses and desserts. All the main courses come with a portion of Rotis or naans.


The first one was the seasonal Subz Handi. It was a stunning one to begin. Something that was not expected from a vegetarian dish with vegetables like brinjal (aubergine) , tinda , ladyfinger etc. I somehow don’t like these but this dish has changed it completely. The rich creamy gravy was a winner. A must try.

Next was Arbi aur patta. Yet another vegetable that is not liked by many. Again this was an amazing outcome. The gravy with perfectly cooked arbi and to top it was the pinwheel of arbi patta with besan and fried.

Non Vegetarian:

We started it with Murgh Bemisal. Lived up to its name. It was bemisal. It was a chicken breast that was stuffed with some minced meat , cheese and nuts. The gravy again was rich, with a good taste of tomato and the richness of nut paste. A must try.

Deg Hot Pot Gosht Korma is the only mutton dish on the speciality menu. It had both mutton meatball and mutton pieces . The gravy is a hyderabadi korma which is slightly different from the regular. The gravy was good but the meatballs lacked a bit of flavour and seasoning. Also were a touch dry.

Then came in yet another star. The Hyderabadi Dum Murgh with eggs. This was packed with flavours. The flavour and aroma from the saffron was prominent and that was the best part. The gravy was rich and topped with a baked egg. A must try.

The last one was the Chicken Kofta biryani. The rice was well cooked with a good amount of brown onion in it. But again I felt the koftas were on the drier side and low on seasoning. Something that can be easily looked into. that shouldn’t be a problem.


These are not from the fest but are from their regular beverage menu.

The mojito was decent. Not the best but one something slightly different but kept liking as I was sipping in.

The mango basil was a creamy mocktail with a prominent taste of basil in it. The other tall drink was the Punch puran was a cocktail , so cant tell about it.

This is the pacific which again I have not tasted.


There are two desserts on the festival menu. One was average but the other was way above excellent.

The caramelized Rabdi Kheer was something that let us down. It was just like rice and milk. When it was mentioned as rabdi we expected it to be thick sweet creamy base but this was thin and plain. Also needed a little more caramelization to get the taste of caramel or the smoky feel.

The star was the Matka kulfi. Generous with the nuts in it. Topped with pistachio and chia. The milk was reduced to the perfect stage. This had everything perfectly done. The presentation as well was top notch. A must try.

Service ,Pricing and location:

The service was prompt and quick. Everything was done smoothly without any breaks.

The pricing for vegetarian dishes is around 315 and 385 for non vegetarian. The pricing is very reasonable for what you get.

The fest is going on at both the locations. Kondapur an Jubilee hills.

Jubilee hills: Ground Floor, Niharika Jubilee One, Road 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Kondapur: First Floor, Signature Towers, Kondapur, Hyderabad

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