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Fast food joints are picking up pace and a huge number of franchisees setting up all across the city of Hyderabad. Be it American , Mexican , Italian etc. Everything is being accepted.

Wat a burger is a new burger place in town with some decent offerings. A few hits and a few misses big time.

Lets check them out. #letsexplorehyderabad #hyderabadfoodexplorer



Its not a huge place neither its a small one. Decent sized with an approximate of 8 to 9 tables. The place is bright and well set up with posters and frames.

The seating has sofas with bright yellow colour on it which adds to is yellow ambience. The ambience is spot on though.

Food and Beverages:


The first one we had was american cottage cheese chicken burger. So its a double layered burger with a patty of cottage cheese and another of crispy chicken. The mayonnaise , lettuce and processed cheese adds on.


Then was the double mutton double cheese burger. The mutton though had a slight off taste. Something that has to be looked into.


The crispy fish was a decent one. Its a small one though. The fish was cooked well and also well marinated. Good flavour and taste.


The two storey crispy chicken was also good. The sauces again were way too much than required.


The Maharaja and the open mutton were decent.


We had a chicken seekh wrap. It was good with some mayonnaise , lettuce and onion.

The juicy lucy mutton wrap was a decent one. The wraps were grilled as well. The tortillas or the base was thin and that was a good part.



The fries were good as well. Just the peri peri had too much of addition of the seasoning to it. If that’s done then its sorted for the fries.

The chilly cheese and the say cheese were the best. Also the Indian chicken fries did not disappoint.



We had butter scotch frappe , Alphonso banana and mojito.

The frappe was good but was over powering and we couldn’t taste any butterscotch or caramel in it.


The Alphonso banana was a good blendof banana and a tough of mango.

The mojito was the best when compare to the others. It was over sweet though. Can eaily be adjusted.


Something that has to be looked into:

  1. All the chicken in the burger and wraps is frozen. The fries as well were slightly oily when we had them.
  2. The amount of sauces being put needs control.
  3. A small potion of fries with the burger would be a great addition. The price doesn’t completely justify just for the burger.
  4. Using ice berg lettuce is recommended instead of the leaf lettuce.

Pricing and Location:

The pricing as mentioned is slightly high for frozen meat patties. Pricing can come down but again individual choices. Most of the individual components are locally sourced. Could be the reason for high prices.

Address: Sri Rama Colony, Madhapur, Hyderabad

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