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With a lot of partying places coming up a lot of good places go unnoticed. This is not because people don’t talk about them but they have a lot of choices and places coming up makes it easy to skip a place.

This place though is not a huge one but had a good Music system on site and Dj nights always going on.

Lets check them out. #letsexplorehyderabad #hyderabadfoodexplorer



As mentioned the place is small , I’m talking about the partying place. Apart from that they have seating around the bar , a seperate section with a pool and small bar counter best suited for small gatherings.

Apart from that they have a section on the top with a projector for live matches. The overall lighting though is slightly dim and suitable for partying.

A suggestion would be to install lot of mist fans or sprays or air conditioners. A lot of sweat and that feels uncomfortable.

Food and Beverages:



The first to roll out from the kitchen were the dahi kebab. I wouldn’t say these were the best but they were pretty decent. The patties though had a cottage cheese like feel more than the sourness expected from the dahi ke kebab.


Then came in the cheese kurkure which were like cigar or long mini rolls stuffed  with cheese. Slightly salty but the presentation was really good on a 4 wheel cart.


Haven’t tried the achari paneer tikka but my colleagues seemed to have enjoyed them.


The tandoori brocolli had a marination which was same as you get a malai kebab. The florets could have been smaller so that it had a even coat and taste of the marination. But again even the marination was not that great.


Non Vegetarian:

The non vegetarian ones were much better when compared. Lets see what they had to offer.

The murgh banjara kebab was a good start. It had a rich marination with some cashew paste and good chuncks of chicken. This though is not a spicy one. I love mildly spiced kebabs.

The Ajwaini fish tikka was the best of the day , personally for me. The fillets were cut in equal portion , beautifully marinated and that hint of ajwain went really well. A must try.


The chilly lamb was a oriental style dish. It had a slight sweetness to it. It was a disappointing one for me because the pieces were uneven and a few were chewy and rubbery. Not a fan of mutton starters.


The last was the garlic kebab , Cooked well with a good marination. It also had some fine cut bell peppers on it. The tag looked good as well.



We tried all the mocktails on the menu. Also a few were the barman special. Loved the presentation and looks of it. I’m sure even you’ll love them. Please show the pic as reference because a lot were not on the menu and also I don’t remember the accurate ones.

The Tangy orange was really good. Not a fan of orange drinks but this was someting really good and mildly flavoured.

The blue hawaii was also a good one. But as mentioned on the menu didnt have fesh cream in it. Tasted good though.


The next was the watermelon basil. Good that the basil wasn’t overpowering . The watermelon though was a light flavoured syrup. (Sorry, Did not take a photo)

The orange basil was similar. Mild bail and looked good.

Main Course:

We had a margarita pizza. The crust was not a thin crust that was just baked once. It was more like a biscuit that was semi bakes and also gave it a good crunch. The tomato base was also pretty good.


The chicken Lasagne was something we enjoyed. The pasta sheets were cooked well and also the chicken filling was good. If there was mozzarella cheese on top instead of the regular one it would have been a much better one.


Then came in assorted breads and 4 curries. The murgh Makahni masala was the best of them all. A must try. The kadai mutton was also decent. The English masala bhaji was something different yet delicious. Haven’t tried the paneer kurchan.


Thee last one was the veg and chicken pan biryani. The rice was flavourful and the meat was cooked to perfection. Something unusual for a partying place to hit the right notes on main courses.

Service , Pricing and Location:

The service was prompt. Noting mush to talk about it as well. A good service experience.

The pricing also is moderate when compared and keeping the location in mind. For someone who loves partying this is a really good place.

Address: 8-2-293/82/A/473, Road 36, Beside Nissan Showroom, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

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