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Just about 5 years earlier not many could actually differentiate between The food of Telangana and Andhra. Like all of it were just under the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh. But now that its separated people are starting to notice the difference. Often its very close but here there are a lot of differences and variants.

The food of Andhra are high on spice are every region has it own specialty. A lot of such specialties are on offer at the Aromas of Andhra.

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The board on the outside is like really big, its easily visible from the main road.

There is nothing fancy at the restaurant. Its very plain but again the food and the pricing speak. Anyways a few additions to the ambience would really add on to the food. Also something related to Rural Andhra will make it work in favour of the name.

Also the garlic , chilly and pulses look way better if they are uncovered. Now it just looks weird and unappealing.




Frankly speaking its difficult to have regional specialties in the vegetarian version. Not many to offer but this place has quite a few.

The first and basic is the mirapakaya bajji and the paneer pakoda. Nothing much to say about these. The outer was fluffy and cooked well. Both of them had the same coating.

The best for the day in the vegetarian appetizer was theย Bangala Dumpa Vepudu. Crisp fried thin potato slices tossed in a chilly garlic mix. A must try.


Also there was mushroom vepudu. But this not something common. Its like the mushroom salt and pepper with a few spices. But it had a burnt taste to it because the wok was way too hot to toss the mushrooms.


Non Vegetarian:

The first appetizer of the day was the peethalu fry. This was my first time trying crab with the shell. It was a good one. its more of an enjoyment when you have to get the flesh out.


Simhapuri chicken 64 again was something I’ve never heard of. The name though was put as 64 because the preparation had slight andhra touches in the similar way as the 65. This was a really good one as well.


The AOA pepper roast is their in house speciality. The have leg pieces in a spicy mix. There was another dish that totally was better than the speciality.


The best was the avakaya fish fry. Perfectly cooked fish fillets marinated with avakaya (mango pickle with mustard). It had he flavour coming through in it. A must try.


The mutton fry on the other had , I haven’t tasted it. missed all the mutton dishes actually.


The miriyala royyalu though was a total dissapointment. The prawns were cooked well with a good peppery touch but they were burnt again. The wok was already burnt I guess. Something to check before the food comes out of the kitchen.



The place serves alcohol as well but I am just into mocktails. Don’t have the names but a few of them were good a few were average.

Main Course:


Tawa roti:

This place has no tandoor so all the breads are made on a flat tawa. The roti was something what we make at home. It was soft.


Jonna Rotte:

A local speciality ,the staple of mostly everyone when they say roti in villages. The actual way of making is difficult and unique. Its slightly drier when compared to other breads.


Need not explain about this. However the poori went really well with the curries.


Malabar Patota:

This again isn’t a local or a speciality of Andhra or the telugu cuisine. It was made really well with a lot of layers in it.



The Gutti vankaya kura looked good but I have not tasted it. so can judge or take a call on the taste. The looks were really appetizing.


Palakura pappu was a rare mildly spiced dish. The regular dal with spinach in it. It is a very common and famous to the telugu people.


Gongura rice and Veg pulao were good options. Gongura again native to Andhra is a part of many specialities including the gongura maamsam. The rice here was mild and tangy with the gongura in it.


Non Vegetarian:

Andhra mutton curry is something we could not taste. Cant judge it accordingly. But here is the photo for the reference.


Chettinadu chicken curry however is native to the chettinad region of tamil nadu has somehow made its way in the menu. This though was really good.


The Nellore paya was spectacular. Rich on taste, good amount of ghee. It was creamy unlike the actual hyderabadi version. A must try.


The Kadapa dum biryani is very different from the hyderabadi dum biryani. It has a much bolder flavour from the whole spices.


The Bhimavaram fry piece biryani was yet another master of a dish. Totally loved it. Not too spicy chicken fry topped on basmati bagara rice. A must try.



Junnu the most famous and native was a good one as well. But these days its difficult to find the authentic one. Most of them use a powdered form. Sorry don’t have the photo.

The jamun payasam was something interesting. It had sabudana and rice payasam with some mini gulab jamuns in it. A good one to try.


The kulfi on the other hand was not a good one for me. Personal opinion. The cream and milk mix had all the fat seperated and then it was frozen. Can be much much better.


Service , Pricing and Location:

The service was good. No complaints. It was prompt and quick.

The pricing is very reasonable considering the portion size and the location. The authentic flavours mostly come at a price , but this place is very much affordable.

Address:ย 8-2-293/174/101/M, GUV Vivilash Chambers, Road 14,ย Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

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