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The first cuisine what comes to our mind when we move out to dine is either Indian or Chinese most of the times. Chinese here doesn’t refer to the actual or authentic but also can be a fusion or a derivative cuisine. I’d rather call it oriental.

But there are very few places that get them very close to the actual ones. China bistro is one amongst them. It has Chinese, Indonesian , Japanese, Thai etc.\

Lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #letsexplorehyderabad



The first attraction is right at the entrance, the two huge statues have made it an iconic mark. Also there’s another statue resembling to an emperor at the reception.

Once you get in there is a bar counter on your left and some decent table arrangements on the inside. They also have a section on the 1st floor with around 6 to 10 tables.

The lighting is adequate, neither too flashy nor too dim. That’s a good sigh when the restaurant does not over do with the ambience.

Food and Beverages:


We ordered the Laksa. Frankly speaking couldn’t have asked for a better start. The soup had a coconut base which was thick and creamy. Lots of flavour . It has a slight sourness to it along with some broccoli, mushroom and chicken. The best part was the egg on top and the noodles. A must try.



We had 6 mocktails and most of them were disappointing.  The blue heart , apricot orange blossom and orange mint iced tea all had excess of lime juice and an after taste from the canned juices.  Haven’t tried the mango basil though.

The only one which was decent was the coconut lychee mocker. Creaminess from the coconut along with the lychee juice was a saviour.




For the vegetarian we had a spicy vegetable crystal dumpling. I would have liked the casing to be much clear. Taste wise it was a good one.

Asparagus Tempura Roll:

The sushi was totally disappointing. The rice and the stuffing was decent but the nori or the seaweed sheet was tough and was chewy. I still remember the struggle to gulp the seaweed down. Not the best or close to the ones I’ve had.


Honey sriracha and spiced cheese tacos ere good but were overly sweet. It was the hoisin sauce I guess. Not sure but.

The shallot and cheese Cheung Fun was a good one. Something that I loved. The rice Noodle roll was stuffed with cheese and onion. Something like a steamed sring roll you see. But its a different one. the dipping sauce was a perfect condiment to go with. It was soya and chilly flakes.


Non Vegetarian:

The first one to come was the Three Lung Har Gow. Sadly I couln’t take a picture of it. It was a dumpling stuffed with Prawns and water chestnuts. The outer casing had squid ink which gave it a dark black colour. Love seafood? A must try.

The next one to come was the chicken and basil dumpling. It was a two coloured dumpling ( white and green). The basil was mild. Even this was a good one.


We had a barbequed chicken bao pocket. This was a huge bao cut in half and stuffed like a pita bread. it had chicken balls crumbed and fried along with shredded vegetables and some hummus which had a slight spice to it.


Fragrance Chilly and siracha chicken tacos were good. It was a soft shell taco with some good filling. The only disappointment was that it had way too much sauce which was sweet.


Once we were done with the appetizers we had a sorbet course to relax and cleanse our palate. It was a litchi sorbet stick. That’s a good add on.


Main course:

We had Veg Pan fried noodles which was good. The crispy fried noodles were topped with a vegetable stir fry with a little sauce.


The Hot pot Hunan chicken was a decent one. The taste was much better because most of our appetizers were sweet. This wasn’t. Loved the fact that they used small chunks of chicken. I love it that way.


The best of the main course was the fried fish fillet in Chilly basil sauce. The sauce was mildly spicy and had some basil. Good that the basil wasn’t over powering, it was subtle. The fish went really well with the gravy. A must try.


The Nasi goreng actually created some doubt. It means fried rice in Indonesian. Most of the places have prawns in it but here it was chicken and they weren’t wrong on their part. The flavor was good but I would have loved a good sear on both the sides of the satays.



The desserts though were on spot. Totally loved them.

The Buddha’s Fu was a slightly okayish one. The mango pudding was made from canned mango. This was okayish. The chocolate mousse quenelle was really good. The presentation is the best part of it. It had raspberry coulis and two other sauces. The bell had cocoa in it and when shaken the bell acts as a sprinkler.


The green tea Tiramisu was a star. The smooth mascaporne with the mildness of the matcha green tea was layered with sponge. It was a good one. Actually better than good.


Chocolate tsunami was supposed to be a fancy dessert but the magic did not happen because we took a lot of time to pour. But the taste was spot on.


The Darsan cheesecake was also an amazing one. it was again layered with cheesecake , sponge and the darsan. It was topped with a scoop of ice cream.  The sweetness from the darsan and the slight saltiness from the cheesecake went really well together.


Service, Pricing and location:

The service was quick and prompt. No issues with the service.

The pricing is moderate for the location and the quality. Also the authenticity plays an important part here. Also they’ve got lunch buffet. Prices below.


Address: Ground and 1st Floor, Niharika Jubilee One, Road 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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