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Its been a long time now that glocal has come to hyderabad. Only the location has changed but not the spark and charm. A well known place for food ,  drinks and music. Its been a go to for a lot of the younger crowd.

They always come up with something good and better than the previous ones. It never dissapoints as well.

Lets check them out. #hyderabadfoodexplorer #letsexplorehyderabad



Its spread on a huge place. Huge in the sense i would say its spacious and has some amazing setups. The place is well lit even for dinners. They have a small live section of the kitchen on one side with tables spread all over.

The standouts I would say are the bar counters. They are like long and attractive. There are two counters one being accessible from all the 4 sides on one fixed to the wall with a lot of bottles on display.

Food and Beverages:



The first to come out from the kitchen was chilly paneer and was a big hit. The paneer was soft and the semi gravy was well seasoned. The paneer is put on a papad which works wonders at the end as it soaks up all the gravy.


The next was cheese and chilly rings which was more like a garlic bread with chilly cheese on top. Even this was good. That’s a good start.


The black pepper potato were baby potatoes marinated and cooked. The taste of the marination was really good but the amount of marination didn’t really match with the potato.


The Broccoli with English mustard was a miss though. No flavour and lacked seasoning. It was just like blanched broccoli with a very slight mustard marination didn’t really make the cut.


The Grilled barbeque veggies was a good , simple one. The veggies were cooked to the right point and a drizzle of barbeque sauce gave it the right amount of sweetness.


Non Vegetarian:

Buffalo chicken wings were okayish but had a burnt flavour to it. Not sure if that was intentional but that again didn’t go well with us.


The mutton patti samosa is a must try. Thin sheets of pastry filled with flavourful kheema was a absolute winner. To add on the yogurt and garlic dip was too good.


The dynamite chicken was really a dynamite for us. Again this was a miss. The taste was okay but the coating was thick and hard and had excess oil. The dip though that came along was good.


The Black pepper kukkad was a good one. The chicken was cooked to perfection. It was well marinated and came along with a soft bun and salad on the side. A must try.



Pomegranate lemon ginger: This was way too sweet when it came but then after an hour when all the ice melted down the sweetness was just perfect. This was a good one.


Peach basil melody: This also was refreshing with a good amount of basil in it. this is like a slush more than a drink. Its thin crushed ice mounted and topped with basil.


Kokam desi cooler is a fusion. The kokum didn’t give a tang but they added some masala to it which made it slightly different. This was a thin decent drink.

Some refreshing tangerine lemongrass cooler. Mild on the lemon grass high with the citrus.


Mojito was a perfect one.


The ginger apple thyme slider was not the one for me. It had a sharp taste of ginger. Its soothing and give relief but something I wouldn’t order when I go out.



There were farmers delight and chilly chicken pizza. Haven’t tried the veg one but the non veg one was a really good one. A must try again. The oriental style chicken along with an Italian thin crust pizza was a deadly amazing combo.

Main Course:


I loved the butter paneer peri peri masala. It was creamy to start but give the spice soon after. That was really well done with some goo amount of tomato and onion in it. It was served along with a paratha and a portion of white rice.


I haven’t tried the paneer shawarma though. It looked good.


The mumbai tawa pulao was also pretty good. The flavor and spice balance was righ and was served with a papad on the side.


Non Vegetarian:

The mutton kheema pav was good. It has that bit of spice to it that is similar to the ones you get outside. The pav was soft and came with chopped onions and lemon wedge.


There was a chicken wrap as well which I haven’t tried.


The nargisi style chicken breast was good as well. This was stuffed sliced and fried with a crispy outer texture. It was served with two sauces and some sauteed vegetables. Both the sauces were absolutely yum. One was a gravy if I am not wrong.



Sadly all the desserts were misses when compared. All of them need improvement.

The Phirni faluda triffle came in a old style glass. But the grain of the phirni was similar to a kheer. It should have been much finer rice when you call it a phirni. Needed some more rose syrup and some sabza or basil seeds.


Kulfi and icecream gotala again was a mix of kulfi and icecream but failed to impress. It was full of khewda essence and cardomom and neither like and icecream nor a kulfi.


The Waffle brownie with icecream was the only decent one. But even this the waffle was dry but was good in terms of taste. Can be much better.


What’s good about the place?

The best part is the style and presentation. You get the food in aluminum vessels with the rustic look on.

The tissue paper roll is something you don’t find it anywhere else at a restaurant.

Service , Pricing and Location:

The service was neat and quick. They were prompt to get the requirements met. No issues with it.

The prices are decent for the location and the ambience. Its more like an experience at night. Just for food its not a normal restaurant or a fine dine for dinners.

They have got lunch buffets everyday with some amazing food. Prices are mentioned below.


Address: First Floor, Signature Towers, Opposite Botanical Garden, Kondapur Junction, Hyderabad

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