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Drama Llama has nothing to do with both the words, you may still have some of your own drama over food and drinks. This has come in place of  Quattro , but the major of the food is different and is  more like a resto bar now.

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This has a cool ambience but it doesn’t have a outdoor seating. The place has some sofas and high chairs and tables for the seating and a good bar setup and a bar counter.

They have a stage as well towards the glass with some dj and music at nights. A fiery hot oven for some woodfire pizzas made in front of you.

The pictures would give a better idea.

Food and Beverages:


The first one to reach our table was a chilled watermelon and feta salad. The salad was skewers of water melon , melon and some lettuce marinated with some cheese and nuts. It had a off smell slightly but tasted pretty good and refreshing.


Then came in another salad The classic Caesar salad. To add some experience they put some liquid nitrogen on it. The salad though was well dressed with mustard and mayo. The grilled chicken complimented very well with the veggies and lettuce.


Starters/ Appetizers (excluding salads):


We had 3 appetizers for the vegetarian section. The first one was the pesto grilled mushroom. This was really good. Mild flavour from the pesto and well cooked mushrooms was a great one.


Next came in was a Taipei crispy chilli water chestnut. This again was also a good one. The crispy water chestnut with a slight sweetness and chilly went really well.


But then the best for me was the stir fried broccoli. This is a difficult one to choose but then this was one. The broccoli florets were fried in a batter and then tossed in a white base similar to the malai broccoli. To add some more nutrition it was topped with flax seeds.


Non Vegetarian:

The first was the five spice roast chicken. Its the 5 spice mix used in oriental cooking. This has nothing to do with the roasting. Its like a normal stirfry with the 5 spice mix.


The Angaar murg tikka were huge chunks of chicken marinated and cooked in a tandoor but apart from the chilly I did not find a prominent flavour. I like my kebabs milder.


The star for the non vegetarian was the kakori mutton kebab. It is similar to a seekh but was very tender. Kakori is actually a town famous for mutton meat. A must try.



We had some mocktails from their happy hours menu as well. Can’t complain bacause they were priced at 79. They were good for the price.


We had the classic margherita and a murgh chettinad pizza. The margherita was much better. IT was simple but way better than the chicken one. Again not much taste from the chettinad region like the spice.

Main Course:

Thyme rubbed steak was a good one. The portion size is high also was high on flavour. The chicken was tender and flavourful. It was served with cous cous which no other place serves.


The Mixed veg shashlik looked good but I haven’t tried it. It had a lot of english vegetables in it.


The mains here come along with a appetizer, few breads , salad , papad , the main curry , raita , dal and some jeera rice.

The mutton rogan josh was well made. The mutton was tender to cut but was chewy while eating. The taste was pretty good.

The Vegetarian had way too much of the khade masale. Needs some improvement.


The Nasi Goreng is a must try. Mildly spiced rice with prawns stir fried and topped with a sunny sideup on top. It came along with some prawn crisps and two sticks of satay.



Frankly speaking after such a amazing beginning the desserts were a let down.

The tres leches was a gastronomic presentation but the sponge did not have the rich taste. Also the foam or cream which was put along with liquid nitrogen did not wow us.


The loaded chocolate dirt soil looked stunning but was okayish when it comes to the taste. It was more like custard and eggy. We expected it to be like dried crumbs for the soil.


The mudpie was decent. Cannot expect something really top from a mudpie. It was basic and tasted decent enough.


Overall we were dissapointed with the desserts.

Service, Pricing and Location:

The service also was slow at times. The service staff were not alert and had to call them for every small reason. This is something that can be easily rectified.

ah! I felt a few were high on pricing especially the sizzlers but again the quantity was high as well. That’s on individuals budget and capacity to spend.

They also have a good happy hours menu as well.

Address: Fourth Floor, Shreshta Aura, Road 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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