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The place needs no introduction. The major part to get the coffee culture to the city of Hyderabad. They have explored the art of brewing , roasting and everything that can be done with coffee.


To share the success and for the people to experience the same they have 2 other outlets in the city. 1. Hoppery , Jubilee hills and 2. The Park , Somajiguda. If you are around and looking for coffee options just head there.

After their immence success with coffee they have moved to improve their food offerings. We were there to try their new menu but of course some coffee as well.

So lets check them out. #letsexplorehyderabad #hyderabadfoodexplorer


The ambience is simple , not fancy. That’s how you want a cafe to be. Its actually a home that is converted into a cafe. They have some good outdoor seating with plants and trees around creating a perfect atmosphere.

Once you enter , the coffee aroma drives you towards the table. You can see the iconic roasting machine and the counter on the sides. The perfect cup of coffee with some quick food and gossips.

Food and Beverage:

First things first. An order for a honey based cold brew to get everything going.



Then we had some appetizers coming in. Actually many of them. The zucchini fries were thick cut and better fried with a spice sprinkle on top. Not your regular fries but you will love them.


We had 2 varients of the brushetta. Mutton and Mushroom. The mutton one was minced with not much of spice, keeping it mild with cheese on top was some really good brushetta. The mushroom one was equally good. (picture: mushroom)


Then came in the Peri Peri chicken wings and Golden fried prawns and Jalapenos. Most of the places overdo with the barbeque sauce but that wasn’t the case here. The spice and sweetness were perfectly balanced. The Prawns on the other hand were mild and actually just seasoned. One was high on taste and flavour and the other was mild and perfectly seasoned.

Also there were fried cheese sticks which looked good but I have not tasted them. The potato wedges were pretty good with the toppings as well.

Main Course:

It was all about the varieties of pasta. Most of the cafes only have the Alfredo , Arabiatta and the mixed sauce. But here its not just those.

A special mention on the pasta texture. These were perfectly done. This is what you call Al dente. (firm to bite). Perfection.

We had Spaghetti in salsa sauce. Th best part was that as the name suggests the sauce still had the crunch from the onions and tomatoes in it. It was slightly sour for my liking though.


Then came in the risottos, mushroom and chicken . The mushroom one was much better in terms of flavour but the chicken one had chicken in it. Haha. I would love if they add the mushroom and chicken risotto. The risottos were creamy and balanced.


We all have heard about Spaghetti bolognese which has lamb mince, here they have given it a vegetarian twist using paneer. The paneer bolognese again was a tomato based one but much mild in terms of sourness from the tomato.

They also have a pasta in vodka infused sauce as well which I haven’t tried.


The paneer penne in mixed sauce was another star. Perfect balance of creaminess and tangyness. The lamb lasagne was pretty good as well.


They also have a in house special called Roastery special. Its a chicken roulade stuffed with bell peppers.  To go along it has a white wine sauce and mashed potato on the side.


The fish in mustard sauce for the main course is something that I loved. I don’t really like mustard but this was not the case here. It wasn’t overpowering and the fish was cooked beautifully in the sauce along with the veggies.



Their all new affogatos are a must try. The sharpness from the espresso, sweet and creaminess from the gelato and some acid from the oranges to cut it down. They have it in two varients Vanilla and Chocolate.


They also have fried bananas covered in chocolate sauce served with icecream as well.

Overall an amazing experience.

What can be improved?

I think the food needs no improvement in terms of taste but I felt they lacked garnishes on it.

Some olives , parsley/ basil and cherry tomatoes would add a nice colour and adds to the appearence for the pastas. Golden brown colour on the cheese on the Lasagne.

These are minute details that can be easily worked on right away and i’m sure they’d look in that aspect as well.

(In picture: Mutton Lasagne)


Service, Pricing and Location:

The service team is super friendly , prompt and quick on their feet. No complaints here.

The prices are reasonable for the portion size i would say and also for the average time of occupancy the prices do justify.

Address: 8/2/287/12, House 418, Road 14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


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