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With a lot of places coming up to serve arabian food , many get missed. The places do not come into the lime light even though they have amazing food.

Aazebo is one such place of which i have heard but ever been there. There are slight issues but the food covers it all.

Lets look at them step by step.



The entrance is not that pleasing. But once you get in its way better. Its got a royal look to it. They have got no table seating. Decent carpets all over the place. Its an experience.


Everything tasted absolutely amazing. From the soup to the desserts.


We started with a shorba. Its not your regular one. Don’t go by the looks of it. Its a thin soup with a lot of flavour to it. Please do give it a try.



We had two appetizers. Grilled lamb and aazebo special al faham. The special al faham was the one of the starts of the day. Unlike other places this wasn’t loaded with mayonnaise but was just done perfectly. It was served along with pita bread.

The grilled lamb was also packed with flavour, beautifully cooked. But i found it had less meat and more of fat and bones. This will be looked into said the owner.

The garlic dip which came along was a perfect match for the pita and also the meat. The pita though was slightly tough and not very soft.


The actual dishes then came out. So this place has got a vegetarian version of mandi for all your vegetarian friends to enjoy the experience.

The veg mandi had falafel , french fries, some sides and a paneer gravy. The rice was the same for both versions. It was flavourful and had a little spice to it.


The mix mandi had mutton rus, juicy mutton, grilled chicken, fish , chicken faham and juicy chicken in it. Loved the mutton variants. Probably the first place where I haven’t touched the sides for the mandi. This was a gem.

I would have liked a few more nuts , raisins and fried onion on top to adda bit of sweetness and richness.


Shahi tukda was more like the regular double ka meetha what we get outside but was much well done. Garnished with nuts and neatly cut cubes ensured it didn’t have more of the sugar syrup soaked in.


The Aazebo special trifle pudding was similar to the Sunrise pudding what you get mostly in weddings. It was fruit salad with some sponge cake and strawberry compote with two slices of ice cream on top. This was pure heaven to end the meal.



The service was decent. No complaints. The only issue is that they don’t have a car parking space. I had to park my car in the mall or you can park it in the lane beside. The place is open till 2 A.m. in the night.

Pricing and Location:

The pricing varies. I wouldn’t say they are cheap but also not costly for what you get.

The mix mandi is priced at 1300 which is sufficient for 4. The trifle again is sufficient for 4 priced at 150.

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The lebanese grilled lamb is at 400. Mutton juicy mandi at 800. So its moderate.

Address: Sri Sai Nagar, Hitech City Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad


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